August 22, 2017

Modernizing Your Data Center With Cloud Computing

March 25, 2010 Mike Kavis

There is a huge debate going on about private clouds and whether they are really clouds or just a buzzword for modern day on-premise data-centers. An article called Are Private Clouds Hogwash? does a great job of capturing the debate that has been raging on for over a year now.

Creating Mini Knowledge Services In The Enterprise

March 11, 2010 Bill Ives

Here is an interesting idea. Marc Andersen, my former Renaissance colleague, posted recently on his blog on applying “product service systems” to corporate environments. He was inspired by a Boston Globe article, The Leased Life, on how people should share products across their communities. Many people purchased tools and other things they […]

The Unified Communication Ecosystem And The Integration

December 17, 2009 Roberto Galoppini

Having chaired for two years the open source telephony sessions at the VON Europe conference and at the Broadband Business Forum, I am sorry I missed the last event recently held in Rome. I asked Diego Gosmar – Marketing Director at Xenialab and frequent speaker at these events – to share his vision about […]

Understanding Apache Subversion Techniques

December 3, 2009 Roberto Galoppini

A Few days ago Subversion has been submitted to the Apache Incubator, a move praised by many as the natural fit for both projects, both for technical reasons (Apache projects use Subversion, Subversion relies on many Apache projects) and a shared vision about IP (same license) and community governance (same […]

Microsoft Begins To Support Open Source With Azure

November 19, 2009 Dan Morrill

As Azure gets closer to its release date of 01 January 2010 – the biggest question is what kind of support can you get for open source systems or programs like PHP. With AWS (Amazon Web Services) you can get Linux and native PHP support, and you can do the […]

Creative Brainstorming Through Innovation Management

October 29, 2009 Bill Ives

Okay, I know what you might be thinking, but innovation management is not actually an oxymoron. There is much more to bringing innovation to the realization of business value than the light bulb going off within an individual. In reality, as Tad Milbourn, Product Manager for Intuit Brainstorm and I […]

Categorize Your Tweets Based On Themes

October 1, 2009 Brian Solis

Long available using third-party Twitter tools such as PeopleBrowsr or TweetDeck, Twitter is readying the release of lists, or otherwise known in other networks (FriendFeed) as groups. This is welcome, albeit overdue, feature that allows users to categorize and organize information based on themes, interests, action items, locales, and friends/peers […]

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