August 22, 2017

Tech Leaders Warming to Trump?

November 14, 2016 ITManagementNews Staff

Silicon Valley thinks the election of Trump is a disaster, but some tech leaders are starting to realize that the real impact may not be so dramatic. From Christopher Mims writing at the Wall Street Journal: Mr. Srinivasan (Balaji Srinivasan, Partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz) views the collision […]

Majority Of New Smartphones Now Use Android

November 13, 2013 Sean Patterson

Though Apple’s iPhone continues to be the most sought-after mobile device in developed markets, Google’s Android platform now firmly dominates smartphone market share. Market research firm IDC today revealed its estimates that 81% of smartphones shipped during the third quarter of 2013 were running Android.

Federal Government IT Reform Necessary

October 28, 2010 Bryan Young

A report has been released by the TechAmerica Foundation which analyzed the methods used by the Federal Government when acquiring major IT systems. In a nutshell, it found those methods lacking, especially when compared to the private sector. There are four major recommendations listed in the report that TechAmerica believe […]

Enemies of IT: The Speed of Business

September 16, 2010 Michael Marr

The right implementation of information technology and systems can drastically and immediately improve a workplace. It is this quick turnaround from implementation to tangible benefits that causes many business executives to push for an equally quick implementation of these technologies. However, IT managers need to keep executives’ over zealous timelines […]

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