August 22, 2017

Wave in a Box: Open Source Google Wave

November 11, 2010 Taylor Gillespie

More than a year has passed since Google first introduced Google Wave to the public. With it’s initial offering being invite-only, those with accounts found little motivation to use the service in the beginning, but some people eventually co-opted the Google Wave collaboration paradigm with success. Though never considered a […]

Adding Social Computing Capabilities

August 26, 2010 Bill Ives

According to a new Forrester report, The Next Wave of Office Productivity by Sheri McLeish with Matthew Brown and Joseph Dang, Microsoft Office continues to dominate both in the enterprise and at home to no surprise. However, changes are affecting enterprise productivity strategies, such as Web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, and […]

Useful Open Source Project Management Tools

July 15, 2010 Roberto Galoppini

SOS Open Source has been used to find and select open source web-based project management with issue-tracking and time-tracking tools to manage multiple IT projects, possibly localized in Italian (or at least open for internazionalization and localization).

What Is A Configuration Management Database?

May 13, 2010 Charles Betz

The concept of the Configuration Management Database extends back at least 15 years, to the first version of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It has proven a provocative concept for the management of enterprise information technology, attracting enthusiastic support, vendor investment and marketing, and fierce criticism. 

Start Your Process With Future State

May 6, 2010 Mike Kavis

As I have mentioned in numerous posts over the last several months, I am finding that things like process, governance, architecture, SOA, cloud computing, and others are much easier in my new startup world than in my old corporate world that I battled in since the 80’s. Even though I […]

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