August 22, 2017

Cyberattacks Could Potentially Cripple The US Infrastructure

February 25, 2010 John Vinson

I imagine the most stressful IT jobs in the country can be found with the US government. Always dealing with cyberattacks and reinforcing the infrastructure to counter the attacks, probably seems like an endless cycle. It’s a cycle which is needed to keep the US’s network safe.Or perhaps an impending […]

Categorize Your Tweets Based On Themes

October 1, 2009 Brian Solis

Long available using third-party Twitter tools such as PeopleBrowsr or TweetDeck, Twitter is readying the release of lists, or otherwise known in other networks (FriendFeed) as groups. This is welcome, albeit overdue, feature that allows users to categorize and organize information based on themes, interests, action items, locales, and friends/peers […]

Technology and Convergence

September 17, 2009 Luis Suarez

I am sure you would still remember that blog post I put together not long ago where I mentioned an interesting YouTube video that was making the rounds under the title Social Media Revolution (See “Welcome to the World of Socialnomics“) and which I thought was coming pretty close to […]

Cyber Warfare Caused By Angry Gamers

June 11, 2009 Dan Morrill

Dark Reading and is reporting that two underground gaming services got so angry with each other that DDOS retaliation caused a temporary internet service outage in at least 3 provinces in China. Gamers are sometimes just too serious about their games. This shows that cyber warfare is not just […]

Test Simple HTTP Loads With Apache Bench

February 5, 2009 Pete Freitag

If you have access to a Mac or Linux server, chances are you may already have a really simple http load generating tool installed called Apache Bench, or ab. If you are on windows and have Apache installed, you may also have ab.exe in your apache/bin folder. Suppose we want […]

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