July 23, 2017

NetWrix Updates Active Directory Change Reporter

December 6, 2012 Geoff Simon

NetWrix Corporation, a provider of IT infrastructure auditing and compliance solutions, recently announced the release of Active Directory Change Reporter 7.1 designed to fill gaps left by Microsoft’s native auditing. NetWrix is in the business of providing solutions to critical IT systems and knows all to well how important good […]

Enemies of IT: Tech Purists

September 30, 2010 Michael Marr

In a previous article, I discussed how the Speed of Business can often impede the management and execution of IT strategies. In this article, I’ll discuss something that often slows down your processes, which in effect pushes your processes up against your already tight timelines: Tech Purists. There are varying […]

Enemies of IT: The Speed of Business

September 16, 2010 Michael Marr

The right implementation of information technology and systems can drastically and immediately improve a workplace. It is this quick turnaround from implementation to tangible benefits that causes many business executives to push for an equally quick implementation of these technologies. However, IT managers need to keep executives’ over zealous timelines […]

Building The TPS House For IT Management

September 2, 2010 Charles Betz

So, I am need of a recognizable icon representing Lean for my book rewrite, and of course I thought of the famous Toyota Production System “house.” (Some are now calling it the “Thinking Person’s System.) As far as I know the concept is not copyrighted, if I build my own […]

Know Thy Audience, End-User

August 12, 2010 Taylor Gillespie

In IT, technology decisions and policies can ultimately affect and involve end-users. The CIO of NASA, Linda Cureton, argues on herblog that IT professionals live life in an IT “Flatland” where we do not always have the end user’s needs in mind. Flatland is an allusion to “Flatland: A Romance […]

Enemies of IT: Requirements Creep

July 29, 2010 Michael Marr

Information Technology can be loosely defined as implementing technology to improve upon a business process. Many businesses fail to properly document the full procedure and scope of a business process, as many processes are generally handed down from one worker with the responsibility to others that replace them and/or others […]

Useful Open Source Project Management Tools

July 15, 2010 Roberto Galoppini

SOS Open Source has been used to find and select open source web-based project management with issue-tracking and time-tracking tools to manage multiple IT projects, possibly localized in Italian (or at least open for internazionalization and localization).

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