August 22, 2017

Microsoft Details IPv6 Support In Windows 8

June 7, 2012 Zach Walton

As you are most likely already aware, IPv6 launched yesterday. It will slowly become the standard at which we connect to the Internet, but IPv4 is still going to be around for a while. Microsoft has been one of the major players in the transition and is making Windows 8 […]

Yahoo! Axis May Mean Big Changes For iOS Browsers

May 24, 2012 Shaylin Clark

Yahoo! has made big news today with the launch of the new Axis browser. Axis is available today as an iOS app, though an Android version is said to be in the works. In an interesting twist, Yahoo! has decided to mostly forego the desktop browser market. Axis’s only desktop […]

New Conference For Developers, Enterprise IT, And Start-Ups

May 10, 2012 Sean Patterson

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud services division, has announced it is sponsoring a new technology conference surrounding AWS technologies and solutions. The conference will take place in Las Vegas on Novermber 27-29 of this year. The conference will educate attendees about AWS services in over 100 sessions led by […]

Google Adds Site Speed Report To Google Analytics

April 26, 2012 Chris Crum

Google announced today that it has added a new site speed report to Google Analytics, called User Timings. The report lets users track custom timings, and shows the execution speed or load time of any hit, event or user interaction.

Windows Vista Losing Mainstream Support

April 12, 2012 Zach Walton

Can you believe it’s been five years since Microsoft unleashed Windows Vista upon the general populace? Like with all operating systems released by Microsoft, it’s time for Vista to move on out to greener pastures. The greener pastures in this case is extended support as its mainstream support has now […]

Five Common SEO Mistakes

March 29, 2012 Jacob Stoops

Last week, Maile Ohye of Google wrote an article on the Google Webmaster Central blog detailing five common SEO mistakes along with six good SEO ideas targeted towards beginner to intermediate SEOs. She also attached a presentation along with a short video.

Symantec Warns Employers about “Digital Natives”

March 1, 2012 Trevor Boland

Long gone are the days when an employees first days involve teaching them how to use a computer. Everyone knows how to use a mouse and keyboard, and the number of people who turn off the monitor when instructed to reboot the computer are dwindling. New employees are now familiar […]

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