August 22, 2017
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Zero-Day Exploit Fix Released For Internet Explorer 8

January 3, 2013 Zach Walton

Microsoft would love it if you used Internet Explorer 9, or IE10 on Windows 8. That’s not going to happen, however, as many users are still on Windows XP where Internet Explorer 8 reigns supreme. Those users are now under attack as a zero-day exploit has been found.

Recent Update Makes Chrome Even Faster

November 14, 2012 Zach Walton

Speed might just be the most important element of any Web browser. Users expect to type in an address and get to a Web site with little to no delay. Out of all the browsers, Chrome is usually considered to be the speediest around, but now Google has some hard […]

Is The Upgrade To Windows 8 Worth It?

August 30, 2012 Zach Walton

Windows 8 upgrades will be coming to current Windows users on October 26. The question now is whether or not you should take Microsoft up on their fantastic offer to upgrade to the new OSfor only $39.99. Some doomsayers claim that Windows 8 will be bad for everyone, but it’s true value will be determined […]

Windows 8 Will Ship On October 26

July 19, 2012 Zach Walton

We were told earlier this month that Microsoft had pinned down the launch of Windows 8 to some time in late October. It was nice to finally get some confirmation about the release, but we still didn’t have an exact date – now we do.

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