July 23, 2017
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Mike Kavis is a veteran Chief Architect with over 23 years of IT experience including distributed computing, SOA, BPM, data warehouse, business intelligence, and enterprise architecture. Read Mike's blog at Enterprise Initiatives.

Start Your Process With Future State

May 6, 2010 Mike Kavis

As I have mentioned in numerous posts over the last several months, I am finding that things like process, governance, architecture, SOA, cloud computing, and others are much easier in my new startup world than in my old corporate world that I battled in since the 80’s. Even though I […]

Modernizing Your Data Center With Cloud Computing

March 25, 2010 Mike Kavis

There is a huge debate going on about private clouds and whether they are really clouds or just a buzzword for modern day on-premise data-centers. An article called Are Private Clouds Hogwash? does a great job of capturing the debate that has been raging on for over a year now.

Building Application With Cloud As The Target Platform

June 25, 2009 Mike Kavis

When I talk about architecting in the cloud, I am referring to building composite applications or services from scratch with the cloud as the target deployment platform. So as you read this post think about an enterprise application or collection of services build for the cloud. In previous posts I […]