July 23, 2017
About Bill Ives
Dr. Bill Ives is an independent consultant and writer who has worked with Fortune 100 companies in business uses of emerging technologies for over 20 years. For several years he led the Knowledge Management Practice for a large consulting firm.. Now he primarily helps companies with their business blogs. He is also the VP of Social Media and blogger for TVissimo, a new TV schedule search engine. Prior to consulting, Dr. Ives was a Research Associate at Harvard University exploring the effects of media on cognition. He obtained his Ph. D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Toronto. Bill can be reached at his blog: Portals and KM. He also writes for the FastForward blog and the AppGap blog.

Looking At Middle Management’s Role In Business Software Decisions

February 24, 2011 Bill Ives

Here is a report that asks an interesting quesion. In December 2010, inlevel conducted a research on “Middle Management as Business Software Influencer.”  They start with an interesting point. Software tended to be sold to senior business management and CIOs. However, because of increased access to the Web, greater use […]

Adding Social Computing Capabilities

August 26, 2010 Bill Ives

According to a new Forrester report, The Next Wave of Office Productivity by Sheri McLeish with Matthew Brown and Joseph Dang, Microsoft Office continues to dominate both in the enterprise and at home to no surprise. However, changes are affecting enterprise productivity strategies, such as Web 2.0, enterprise 2.0, and […]

Creating Mini Knowledge Services In The Enterprise

March 11, 2010 Bill Ives

Here is an interesting idea. Marc Andersen, my former Renaissance colleague, posted recently on his blog on applying “product service systems” to corporate environments. He was inspired by a Boston Globe article, The Leased Life, on how people should share products across their communities. Many people purchased tools and other things they […]

Creative Brainstorming Through Innovation Management

October 29, 2009 Bill Ives

Okay, I know what you might be thinking, but innovation management is not actually an oxymoron. There is much more to bringing innovation to the realization of business value than the light bulb going off within an individual. In reality, as Tad Milbourn, Product Manager for Intuit Brainstorm and I […]

Google Looks To The Future Of Television

August 20, 2009 Bill Ives

Google recently purchased video compression provider On2 Technologies for about $106.5M. As Gartner’s Andrew Frank writes, this is a “relatively small sum in the heady world of Internet valuations, for a company that’s been steadily losing money on less than $20M in annual revenue.” However, they have an interesting technology […]

Adding Social Broadcasting To Your Enterprise

August 6, 2009 Bill Ives

Social media tools have begun to migrate from the consumer web to the business web, sometimes facing outward, sometimes focused in. Just as public-facing applications need broad appeal, enterprise tools need to be designed for a defined organizational space to be effective (see Enterprise 2.0 is not Web 2.0 nor […]

Are Professional Services Needed For Enterprise 2.0

April 16, 2009 Bill Ives

Here is re-post from FastForward as I wanted to see if I could stir up some more conversation on the topic. An interesting question was raised in the post, Should Software Vendors Also Sell Professional Services?, by Stewart Mader. He quotes Oliver Marks, “The reality for all “social community” roll […]