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IT Analyst Firms Help In Purchasing Decisions
The Motley Fool has a pretty interesting article on IT analyst firms such as Gartner & Forrester. I've worked with these firms for nearly a decade and do believe that they provide a valuable service to their customers and the IT market in general.


Rackspace: Supporting more than just your configuration
Starting with Fanatical Support™, Rackspace is about one thing and one thing only—supporting you. It goes way beyond just your box or configuration. What's outside the box? Our people, Zero-Downtime Network™, data centers and technical expertise backed by our guarantees which all exist to make your IT life easier. It's what makes us the hosting experts and everyone else just hosting providers.


Marketing IT Services
This month's BrandingWire challenge comes from the business to business sector. A small, Canadian IT services company (ITCo) wants to brand itself more effectively.


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