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Start Working Together in Less Than 60 Seconds - Anytime, Anywhere
Creating an effective company intranet just got easy with WebOffice. Share information and collaborate with co-workers, partners and clients - anywhere in the world.


Rackspace: Discover the value of Fanatical Support
Starting with Fanatical Support™, Rackspace is about one thing and one thing only—supporting you. It goes way beyond just your box or configuration. What's outside the box? Our people, Zero-Downtime Network™, data centers and technical expertise backed by our guarantees which all exist to make your IT life easier. It's what makes us the hosting experts and everyone else just hosting providers.


Insiders And The Risky Business Of Security
One person with an administrator password and access to critical systems can cause chaos within a business. The time has arrived to crack down before something really sensitive gets compromised.


Viable Alternative To SCO OpenServer?
I was a little surprised by this Newsgroup thread that began with asking "With the chapter 11 filing and other recommendations, what is a good, long time viable alternative to SCO OpenServer? "


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