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The relationship between IT Service Management and Service Oriented Architecture keeps bubbling up to the surface. It is a gold mine of confusion for senior IT executives, whose infrastructure and engineering leadership is talking to them about...


Monitoring Your Server's Availability and Your Visitors' Website Experience
We've bundled together Rackspace Platinum Monitoring and Urchin Web Analytics Software so you can now have two easy and thorough ways to watch over the performance of your Rackspace web environment. And they're from two completely different perspectives monitoring your server's availability and reporting on your visitors' website experience.


IT & Telecom Trends in 2007
I've been asked to give my thoughts on what trends are likely to emerge during 2007 in the Information and Communications Technology market. As usual, this will be a mix of "duh, of course, what do you think!" type stuff and some "what are you smoking" ideas that may well be way off the mark!


Social Engineers And Domain Hijacking
Slashdot Contributor Bennett Haselton is running an article that is a great example on how to use social engineering to hijack a person's domain away from them.


Start Working Together in Less Than 60 Seconds - Anytime, Anywhere
Start working together with WebOffice in less than a minute. See for yourself how over 325,000 people worldwide use WebEx WebOffice every day to run their business on the web.


Google Changes Information Management
The success of Google proves that if you manage content professionally, tremendous value is delivered. Imagine you are very rich and you have a big house. One evening you have guests over.


Download: Complete Website Management
Ektron lets you do more than just what you need to do on the web, it also lets you do everything you want to do on the web...


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