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Newsletter Archive: 2005
Application Security - IT Risk Management
Application Security risk assessment and risk management are vital tasks for IT managers. Corporations face increased levels of Application Security risk from hackers and cyber crooks seeking intellectual property and customer information. A comprehensive application security risk assessment...
Try One Click Web and Video Conferencing for 15 days
e/pop is used in sales, customer service, training and intra-company meetings to easily communicate complex topics and eliminate unnecessary travel – whether down the hall or around the world.
Radical Changes In Spatial Info Management
IDC published a new study suggesting the spatial information management (SIM) industry has been dramatically altered in the last 18 mos. involving fundamental shifts in platforms, vendors and users.
Giving Business Users More Control Over Their Web Projects
Want to encourage repeat site visits? Capture and easily process visitor information? Do you want to make information more findable? Are you looking for a more efficient way to deploy your Web site?
Is Speech-Enabled Call Routing Right For Your Organization?
Find out why 1000's of organizations including GE, BlueCross BlueShield and Staples are using SpeechAttendant to reduce costs and increase caller satisfaction
SpeechAttendant: The ultimate Auto Attendant Solution
Allow a person (internal or external) to call one number and speak the name of a person, department, service, or location and be automatically transferred to the requested party -without the hassle of searching for phone numbers or waiting to speak to an operator.
Google Mini Needed Big Security Patch
The search appliance that has been part of a recent Google hardware promotion contained a "highly critical" flaw leading to the presence of several exploitable bugs.
Centralize your Bulky Spreadsheets the Web-based Way
Imagine a Web-based world where you and your team members have an easy-to-use, centralized place to manage, update and track critical spreadsheet information your way.
IT Manager: Your exclusive invitation to our half day NY seminar
What if your mission critical server went down today? Component failure, power outages, operator errors, viruses and natural disasters can all influence a system’s availability. Protecting data & maintaining high availability of mission critical applications like email, Blackberry servers, SQL Server, RightFax and Web Servers can often be difficult. IT staff need a continual, up to the second backup solution, that can be accessed the instant an outage occurs, with little or no loss of data or productivity.
Try One Click Web and Video Conferencing for 15 days
e/pop Web Conferencing software provides state-of-the art PowerPoint, document, application and desktop sharing, remote control, and multiparty audio and video conferencing.
The Benefits Of The Software-as-a-Service Model
When the Internet burst upon the scene in the early 1990's, the concept of software as a service (SAAS) seemed an idea whose time had come.
Computer Viruses - The New IT Arms Race
The stark reality is that network security in this Internet age is a race. This race starts every time a new virus, worm or vulnerability is discovered; and only finishes when either an organization's network is protected or compromised.
Cover Your Apps with WebInspect
Secure Enterprise Magazine chose SPI Dynamics WebInspect 5.5 as the Testers Choice product in a recent Web application vulnerability scanner product review.
Domain Or Not?
Computer networks are often just automatically set up without much thought: if it's a business, it's set up as a domain, if it's home, it's not.
Download a free evaluation to Windows and Active Directory management
DSRAZOR for Windows is your answer to Windows and Active Directory management, no scripting required! When you use DSRAZOR you will be able to precisely interact with your Windows and Active Directory environments. Discover security weaknesses, document objects, manage attributes and delegate duties. .
10 Ways to Make Managing Your Website Much Easier
Ektron CMS400.NET is an easy-to-use Web Content Management Solution (CMS) with robust out-of-the-box features to help you build and manage your Internet, intranet and extranet sites.  It helps you control every aspect of your Web initiatives and eliminates complexity.
Importance Of Technology Changes In Business Computing
As and an IT professional far too often I have seen many small businesses get way too far behind in computing technology and wonder why they should pay for the upgrades. Usually I have to explain to them the hard way that the current computers system that are over 4 years old are not going to perform the requested task very well and are not supported by software.
Colleges Face $7 Billion Security Update
To comply with federal wiretap requirements, universities in the US will have to upgrade a lot of expensive hardware and are complaining about the cost.
Try One Click Web and Video Conferencing for 15 days
e/pop Web Conferencing software provides state-of-the art PowerPoint, document, application and desktop sharing, remote control, and multiparty audio and video conferencing.
AMD Rubbing Intel In Processor Race
The problem when you're at the top is there's only one place to go and computer chip leviathan Intel may be experiencing something akin to a descent, at least for now. Intel dominated the computer chip market for years but while their earnings were very good, they are losing their grasp to rival AMD for the moment and it's not done yet.
New Interfaces For Microsoft?
Microsoft tells us that their application interfaces need revamping. Apparently having eighteen kazillion commands buried under three million menus confuses people now and then. Command line interfaces were hard (so they say), menu driven interfaces were easier, but still not easy enough...
Virtual Tape
Virtual tape does just what you'd think: a backup thinks it's writing to tape, but in reality the data is going elsewhere. It may still end up on tape eventually, but in the meantime it's heading for disk, local or otherwise. This stuff isn't cheap, but then neither are the systems where people would be interested in it.
The Cost Of Linux
Matt Asay's AC/OS blog says that one of the "expenses" noted in Microsoft TCO studies is the cost of training.
What Happened To The "Giant Sucking Sound" Of Outsourcing
The conventional wisdom is that outsourcing has been very bad for the U.S. Information Technology workforce. After all, now that a company can transfer the work of a $50/hour U.S. programmer to an equally skilled programmer in India or Romania and pay only $5/hour for the same job...
Why Is Corporate Communication Seen As Fluffy?
In many organizations, corporate communication doesn't get a lot of respect. The intranet gives a rare opportunity for corporate communication to get the respect it deserves.
IBM Tosses Some Claims In SCO Case
IBM has agreed to drop its patent infringement countersuit against SCO, an action that should help move the case along toward a resolution.
IBM Aims P5 At SMB Market
New UNIX systems for small and medium businesses utilizing a version of the IBM Power5 chip will be available from IBM in quad-core and other configurations.
IT Management Options Grow In China
A new report will focus on four aspects of China's now-burgeoning information technology service market. The firm Research and Markets will begin offering its insights on China with a new IT Products and Service report. The ‘Annual Analysis Report on Chinese IT Service Market (2005) report will focus on four areas, the company notes in a statement:
Create Your Methodology Based On A Standard Framework
This article, the first of a series of three, gives some tips on designing and implementing a methodology based on a standard framework such as ITIL or PMBoK.
The Process To Results Gap
Many times in BPR projects the focus is put on redesign. This article is related to the common pitfall of underestimating process deployment. Having a document describing the best possible process does not add any value to the bottom line. Executing it in the real world does.
Crisis Management: Your Website Can Help
A website can be a valuable source of information during a time of crisis. Using your website should become part of your crisis planning.
IT Management Questions Answered
Q: I have more than eight years of experience in IT and am pursuing my MBA in management technology. Although I've earned several certificates for computer training courses throughout the years, I have no Microsoft certifications. After earning my MBA, will I need to have some certifications under my belt if I want to gain a management position in IT?
Not All Project Management Software Is Created Equal
The purpose of Project Management Software is to provide an environment in which a group of people can work together on joint projects. Most projects involve the development and implementation of new ideas, and these ideas have to be presented, evaluated, and revised.
IBM Prepping DeveloperWorks Podcasts
Information on new technology and how to implement it in a business enters the podcasting channel.
Data Protection via Replication
Today, IT spends a good deal of money trying to protect remote offices and data centers. There are application servers, back-up servers, back-up licenses, tape libraries and people all responsible for ensuring that the information at the edge is protected and protected properly. The problem is IT does not know that the information is properly protected and because they do not know, they are exposed. Are you exposed?
7 Crucial Strategies You Need To Know
SpeechAttendant is a complete speech-enabled auto attendant application that enables call routing for enterprises with up to 25,000 directory listings. SpeechAttendant improves customer service by routing calls immediately while eliminating time on hold, and saves organizations money by reducing attendant staffing requirements and the printing of directories.
CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2005 Next Month
The CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2005 event is coming up September 27-29 at Moscone West in San Francisco, and will focus on mobile solutions for enterprises.
Stopping Computer Dilemmas Before They Happen
Choosing the correct Network Monitoring Software can be a very costly experience. This Article explains one solution using Cittio's WatchTower. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Hawaii (HMSA) found itself with a rapidly expanding network and data center...
Owens Slams US Broadband Efforts
Nortel's CEO sees the United States as falling behind countries like South Korea in broadband and wireless technology. Nortel chief executive and former Navy man Bill Owens, speaking at the Progress...
Key Benefits Of A Single Intranet Or Public Website
A single website is more connected and credible. It is more consistent and cost effective. It is easier to manage and measure. The Web is a network and the most important law of networking is to be connected...
Get Control Of Endpoint Security
While you're on a business trip, you use the hotel or conference room wireless network to check news and request an upgrade. A hacker exploits a new and un-patched operating system vulnerability to install a rootkit (a virtually undetectable infection).
Spear-Phishing - New Angles On An Old Game
It usually doesn't take long for emerging trends in business IT security to reach the point at which a new name for a given phenomenon is required to set it apart.
Lenses On Leadership
Before the days of Photoshop, it was common to say that photographs don't lie. But even way back when, during the dark ages of chemical film, photographers used different lenses and filters to change colors, highlight some details over others and bring some subjects into sharp focus while blurring others. Pictures lie and tell the truth all at once.
Network Forensics Is Affordable For Most Businesses
Regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley or HIPPA along with cyber crime have heightened the interest in computer security. Organizations have started to purchase monitoring systems that not only support network forensics but help organizations understand what information is moving over their key network connections.
Environmental Monitoring Reference Guide
Creating a safe and secure lights-out co-location or remote data center facility ensues by incorporating environmental monitoring devices to remotely detect and resolve unwarranted server room conditions.
Dedicated Server: A Smart Choice For Hosting Your Web Site
Hosting your personal or business web sites on your own dedicated server may seems expensive choice in comparison to shared web hosting, but at the end, it proves a smart choice. Shared web hosting, no matter how well managed, cannot be 100% reliable and stable.
Make Sure Your Intranet Is Well Perceived By Staff
Many intranets are only now beginning to show their true potential. However, many staff, having had unsatisfactory previous experiences of the intranet, may need quite some convincing that the intranet is now genuinely useful.
Technology & Communication
A study a couple of years ago found that 63% of executives were making fewer business trips because of technology. Instead of a plane trip, face-to-face meetings and a plane trip back, they used email, videoconferencing, or online meetings, according to the Accountemps study.
Make Your Web Hosting Solution Portable
I'm not sure why some good web hosting providers go bad, but it happens and it's a hassle when you have to switch to a new hosting provider. Many businesses put off selecting a new hosting provider just because the thought of moving all their web site content, possible database files and company email to a new host is just too overwhelming.
Intranet - The Benefits Realisation Plan
A successful project is one that delivers on-spec (`quality'), time and cost. Right? Well consider these two projects… The Millennium Dome was delivered on time for the 31 December 1999 and safely within a budget (fixed in 1998) of £289 million.
How To Make Your IT Project A Success
For an IT project to be a success, it must meet three criteria:
1. it must be completed on time,
2. it must be completed within budget, and
3. it must provide the full functionality originally promised.
To Motivate, Don't Demotivate
Recently, a couple of intended compliments threw me for a loop. Two people called me in the same week and wanted me to present keynote speeches at their conferences. Of course, that was the flattering part, but what got to me was that they both referred to me as a "motivational speaker."
The Machine Readable Web
The vast majority of the Web is intended for human readers. The goal has been to create an online experience for human beings. It is an open and ever growing body of information. This is all great, but it does present some problems. There is just too much there.
Testing The IT Outsourcing Waters And Staying Afloat
Before Gertrude Ederle began her historic swim off of Cape Griz-Nez, France, she underwent extensive training for endurance and technique-even though she was already an accomplished record-breaking swimmer with Olympic medals to her name.
Are you thrilled with your hosting provider's support?
If you're looking for a hosting solution you can absolutely rely on, backed by a totally committed technical and customer support team, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Rackspace!
Are you thrilled with your hosting provider's support?
Other companies say support is a priority. Rackspace shows it. They are committed to providing the customer with amazing managed hosting services backed by a policy they call Fanatical Support™. 80% of Rackspace's resources go directly to Fanatical Support™.
Learn how to rely on your hosting company
Other companies say support is a priority.Rackspace shows it. They are committed to providing the customer with amazing managed hosting services backed by a policy they call Fanatical Support™. 80% of Rackspace's resources go directly to Fanatical Support™.
Intel, Sprint, Join On WiMAX
The chipmaker and the telecom company want to offer hardware and services for the proposed wireless broadband standard. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, or WiMAX, is a proposed interoperability standard for wireless broadband communication
Are You A Scary Boss?
I'll never forget the first time I learned that one of my subordinates was afraid of me. A talented young man, probably 26, had just left my office after explaining to me how happy he was with his current project. My assistant came in and told me that he had spent the 20 minutes prior to our appointment complaining to her about how terrible his project was and how miserable he felt.
HP: Best Practices for Building Manageable Applications
Good manageability is essential for the success of an application once it moves into production. Join us for our free HP webcasts and you will develop a thorough understanding and best practices for building manageable applications. View these webcasts at no charge from the convenience of your desktop and phone.
Disaster Recovery: A Critical Business Issue
In today's environment, the effects of a long-term operations outage could have catastrophic consequences to an organization, making contingency planning a critical business issue rather than exclusively a data processing issue.
HIPAA Info for IT managers of Health Care Payers
This can be a reality for your organization because DWL has proven it at many Fortune 500 companies.  If you take a moment to read the recent report issued by the CDI Institute regarding healthcare payers, you’ll see that during 2005-06, market-leading healthcare payers must add customer data integration (CDI) capabilities to their list of ‘strategic IT investments’ to increase customer satisfaction and retention, increase profitability and create operational efficiencies.
Information Technology And Productivity In Your Business
On March 21, 2005, Germany's prestigious Ifo Institute at the University of Munich published a research report according to which "More technology at school can have a detrimental effect on education and computers at home can harm learning".
10 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Copywriter
Anyone who's ever tried marketing IT products or services knows that it's a specialist field. Your customers in the IT industry have very unique and specific requirements, and that means you do too.
New Bugs Found In Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer
Once again, it appears as if another security vulnerability bug has bitten Microsoft's two popular Internet-related tools, Outlook and Internet Explorer. The findings were made by eEye Digital Security, who categorizes the newly discovered security flaws as high risk.
HP: Financials of Manageable Apps White Paper
HP would like to offer you a complementary white paper that will give you critical insight into the financial implications of developing manageable applications.
Collaboration Software - Building An Office Without Walls
Today if you are in a business that doesn't have or use the internet, then you are giving up valuable advertising and productivity. Whether or not your company uses the internet we are all aware, to some degree, the effect the internet has on advertising and promoting businesses on a global scale.
Time And Task Management Tool For IT Workers
It was also once said that computers would be time saving devices. The second statement, as any beleaguered IT worker will tell you, is simply not true. Computers, as time saving devices, continue to belong in the flying car category of science-fiction based reality simply because time cannot be saved, it can only be managed.
Intranets : Strategy First, Usability Second
More and more intranet teams are buying into the need for usability. However, usability is not a strategy, and without a clear strategy, usability can become a pointless, wasteful and counter-productive exercise.
Business Intelligence Solutions For The Retail Industry
Traditionally, the retail industry has lagged behind other industries in adopting new technologies, and this holds true in its acceptance of BI technology.
SightMax vs. LivePerson
SightMax is a live chat and real-time live monitoring software package that allows online businesses to proactively interact with website visitors.
Need Of Document Management System (DMS)
Document Management or Enterprise Information Management is perhaps one of the most important of the enterprise solutions that will provide a solution to the various requirements of SOX.
Intranet Portal - Business Case ROI
The days of easy money are over In these post-dot-com days of the 21st Century, the hype attached to IT is well and truly over. The modern Board is deeply suspicious of large IT projects with questionable benefits and a long-term payback period.
Interview: Thunderstone VP Doran Howitt
A few weeks ago I put up a post about the Google Small Business Search Appliance. I listed it's pros and cons and thought Google had come up with a pretty decent product.
Managing Project Risks And Issues
Inherent Risk is the risk that exists in the environment around your portal project.

It will tend to be unique to your organisation; it's culture and politics. For example, if you have a fragmented business (either geographical or functional), then this will create a higher inherent risk of poor communication.
Satisfying IT Customers May Be A Bad Idea
Most IT departments I encounter say "customer satisfaction" is among their key goals. Unfortunately, this idea seems to lead too often to poor results. While the sentiments are laudable, the law of unintended consequences seems to interfere. Goals are tricky things. Well-intentioned yet poorly selected goals frequently lead organizations to do exactly the wrong things.
Don't Become A Dinosaur
These days we talk about doing business in the global knowledge economy. Is learning optional? What really is the value of learning? As the knowledge aspect of the phrase implies, learning is at the core of all we do. New technology means we must learn to make use and take advantage of these new tools. Knowledge is a key requirement in Information Technology. This applies to all - IT professionals and users.
Combine Project Management with Help Desk Software
TeamHeadquarters, a practical, cost effective, collaborative solution that uniquely combines project management with help desk. To run an IT department as effectively as possible, it is important to balance the workload related to planned project initiatives and unplanned support requests. Entry Software understands the ongoing challenges you face.
Data Recovery 1-on-1
For this weeks report we are talking with Greg Duffield of ACS Data Recovery Q: Greg, since the late '90's there has been tremendous growth within the data recovery industry, why is that and what does it mean to the consumer?
Microsoft RMS Integration & Customization
Microsoft RMS (Retail Management System) is a former SMS QuickSell and QuickSell2000 - retail management and point of sale application, which has headquarters solutions and is now owned and marketed by the Microsoft subdivision - Microsoft Business Solutions.
Sarbanes-Oxley And The Benefits Of Application/server Consolidation
So, you are now or will soon be SOX-compliant: what's next? Congratulations, you are on your way to or you just completed your 404!!! Internal auditors, Business, IT, everyone is breathing better and everyone should definitely be proud of it!
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