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Newsletter Archive: 2003
"All-in-One" Network Appliance
The Oculan 250 is the ultimate solution for managing your entire IT infrastructure. And for a fraction of the costs you would incur purchasing stand-alone solutions.
Job Satisfaction: It's Highly Overrated
Few managers are genuinely surprised when the results of an employee satisfaction survey are revealed. You really don't need the science of statistics to know that people aren't entirely pleased with every aspect of their work lives.
HP LaserJet 4100mfp -- big savings and even bigger functionality
Boost productivity and return on investment with the hard-working HP LaserJet 4100mfp, an intelligent network appliance that saves space, saves money and streamlines day-to-day business functions. Now you can print, copy, scan, fax and send to email, with the simplicity and reliability you expect from an HP LaserJet. How does it feel to get more than you paid for?
Could XML and Web services improve your productivity?
Learn how XML and Web services can enhance your organization’s productivity
Inmagic invites you to attend an online seminar with Marc Strohlein!
The presentation will focus on what are often called the new “service oriented architectures,” discussing the roles that XML and Web services play in allowing the effective integration of content across the enterprise. Specific business needs driving the adoption of these new technologies will be discussed. There will also be examples of ways in which organizations are effectively integrating Web services to spur improvements in productivity and delivery of the real-time information that is vital in today’s competitive environment.
Improving Projects by Communicating What's Below the Surface
Project work is all about things, right? It's about requirements and specifications. Selecting the technologies to use. Making sure the technical work fulfills the business needs and product definition. Project schedules and budgets and ship dates and installation plans. But is it possible that project work is also about people connecting and working with people?
Stop "Gathering" IT Requirements
Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that one of the most destructive notions circulating inside technical groups involves "gathering requirements."
You Need a Five-Year Plan For Your Website
Websites change the way an organization communicates with its staff, customers, investors and general public. A change in communication is a major shift for the organization. To effectively implement such a change will take time. You need a five-year plan for your website.
Figure your hosting savings with the SBC TCO Calculator.
Whether you’re taking care of your hosting needs in-house or already outsourcing, there’s a good chance that you could be saving significantly more with SBC Hosting.
Free technology and product tutorials from IBM
Build your skills in open standards technologies and products! Use the IBM developerWorks Tutorials and Training center to master the technical skills you need to get ahead with over 300 free online tutorials covering a broad range of technologies including Java programming, Linux, Web services, Wireless, XML technologies and IBM product tutorials. Most tutorials take less than one hour to complete, and walk you through a scenario with source code so you can follow along.
Fixing your database headaches download a free report
The primary cause of failure in data warehousing and enterprise application integration projects is inadequate, misunderstood source data. Enterprises are turning to automated tools to profile their source data and map it to target schemas. This automation will allow them to identify gaps and put strategies in place to address these data quality issues much earlier in the project
life cycle.
Security Training: Ethical Hacking and Computer Forensics
Vigilar, the industry’s leading Information Security training provider, is now showcasing our most demanded courses: Computer Forensics and Hacking and Assessment. Learn from the experts, and gain the skills necessary to combat the worst hacker threats.
10 Reasons You Should Attend SunNetwork[sm] 2003
Only a few days remain to redeem your special registration discount ($100 off regular admission), and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on SunNetwork[sm] 2003—or the incredible value.

In case you're not convinced, we’ve included the Top 10 reasons this event absolutely, positively cannot be missed. Take a peek below and we’re sure you’ll be as excited about SunNetwork 2003 as we are.
Data warehousing and application integration free offer
The primary cause of failure in data warehousing and enterprise application integration projects is inadequate, misunderstood source data. Enterprises are turning to automated tools to profile their source data and map it to target schemas. This automation will allow them to identify gaps and put strategies in place to address these data quality issues much earlier in the project
life cycle.
Replacing Microsoft's Site Server 3.0
With the phased retirement of Microsoft’s Site Server 3.0, IT Departments are faced with the challenge of finding a cost effective, easy to manage solution for deploying web content. RepliWeb's R-1 Distribution Manager is the turnkey solution for guaranteed publishing of web content.
The Clarification Phase: Your Project's Vital Step
The first article of this series discussed the process of clarifying the desired future state of your organization as the first step in improving the productivity of your group. The clarification phase is the one most often skipped when trying to deal with organizational issues. Managers commonly try to jump directly into the second phase, planning, often with disastrous results.
How network cameras and video servers are changing corporate security
StarDot Technologies has built upon their impressive engineering talent to become the premier manufacturer of affordable network cameras and video servers used for security, web attraction, construction & weather, as well as a variety of scientific and military applications.
Data warehousing and application integration free offer
The primary cause of failure in data warehousing and enterprise application integration projects is inadequate, misunderstood source data. Enterprises are turning to automated tools to profile their source data and map it to target schemas. This automation will allow them to identify gaps and put strategies in place to address these data quality issues much earlier in the project
life cycle.
The Windows vs. Linux Challenge
Choose your winner now...

In the right corner I give you : ``LINUX``

In the left corner Microsoft gave you : ‘’WINDOWS’’

Just say the word…before it’s too late…
Developing True Business Continuance in Legacy System Environments
In today's enterprise environments, implementing storage solutions that ensure true business continuance presents a major challenge. With many corporations continuing to rely on their legacy systems, business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) plans must overcome the age-old problem of keeping data secure, despite the fact that closed systems and mainframes remain an inextricable part of the evolving information infrastructure.
ROI On Requirements Management Tools
Return On Investment (ROI) is a popular method of measuring the success of process improvements and IT investments. It is a measure of the dollars returned on dollars invested. As Jeffery E. Payne points out in his article "Quality Meets the CEO: How to Get Management Buy-in," ROI is an effective approach for arguing the need for, or demonstrating the success of, process improvements and IT investments.
5 Steps To Poor Listening: The Ordinary Professional’s Guide
The development of non-technical, soft skills represents a significant choice in the career of IT professionals. For those who choose to take the road most traveled, here are a few thoughts on how to ensure poor client and peer relationships, projects that focus on solutions to the wrong problems, and working cross-purposes with your team.
When Is An HR Department Necessary?
How many employees should a company have before there is a need for an HR Department? As companies grow, there is a need to administer the HR function, but that doesn't necessitate an HR Department. In fact, 30 years' experience has shown that until the company has at least 50 employees, that "department" -- really a function -- can consist of or be handled by one person...often much to the dismay of that one person.
Is Your Project A Real Project?
Well, no. A great deal of the work that we do isn’t organized into projects, even if it could be. And that’s a problem, since the project form of work confers a number of important benefits on the organizations that do them and the people who participate in them.
Be a Hero to the IT Dept
Help your IT team learn the material they need to know and get certified more quickly with Transcender exam simulations, the #1 choice of IT professionals worldwide. For more than 10 years, IT professionals have trusted Transcender exam simulations to prepare them to pass their IT certification exams.
Evolution Of A Revolution
But this is an old story, one of which doesn’t necessarily bear repeating. However, it illustrates a fine point in that today that same warehouse processes 72 orders an hour with a 99% accuracy rate. A clear example of how infrastructure can dictate a company’s productivity rate.
Free HP Color Planning Kit
Request your FREE vintage-style French racing poster, printed with an HP Business Inkjet. We’ll also send our in-depth Color Planning Guide and useful design templates on CD.
Free HP Color Planning Kit
The HP Business Inkjet 3000 printer series offers astonishing draft color print speeds of up to 18 pages-per-minute and 8 color pages-per-minute in normal print mode.
Extend your IT Reach Beyond the Server Room
Remote Keyboard, Video and Mouse Access via Web Browser. You can access to the BIOS level of your servers or serial devices anytime, anywhere with full KVM control via a Web Browser or VNC.
Stop The Press - Software Delivered To Schedule!
After more than fifty years of practicing software development, the experts of our trade are now agreed: we are still useless at it.
Mind The Vestiges
Have you ever tried to drive around Boston? It’s nearly impossible to navigate the narrow, winding streets that meet at odd angles, curve back around, and join in traffic circles that you find almost nowhere else in the country. Why would any city knowingly design its streets in a fashion nearly impossible to navigate? Well, there’s an old story, perhaps apocryphal, that the streets follow the old cow paths from the days when the Boston Commons was a cow pasture hundreds of years ago.
Brewing Trouble
Admit it: When you're faced with a lengthy checklist for testing, you're tempted to skip steps. Some of the items aren't really necessary, are they? They might be so obvious that there's no need to include them in the list. In this week's column, Elisabeth Hendrickson offers some advice on constructing useful checklists that are brief but complete.
Prism Deploy 5.0 Boasts Powerful New Features.
In today’s competitive business environment, you cannot afford to use deployment tools that require weeks or months of valuable time for rolling out critical business applications or patches. Prism Deploy 5.0 is the most robust and flexible solution on the market for quickly building packages and deploying them correctly the first time.
Should You Euthanize Your Project?
You probably haven’t thought about inviting Dr. Kevorkian to one of your project meetings, but maybe you should. Although you might not want to join Dr. Kevorkian’s well publicized crusade to legalize physician assisted suicide, he has some very valuable lessons to teach us about delivering successful IT projects.
Installs and updates software across your entire organization.
Evaluating a move to a shared services center is as important as the move itself. With dozens of business units, strategies, and customer expectations to consider, the period of evaluating a move to shared services becomes integral to the overall success of the entire organization.
Monitoring Project Progress
Too often failing projects surprise us. Have you ever had a project that seemed to be going along just fine, and then, when the delivery deadline drew near, suddenly, everyone’s two months it leads you to wonder, “How could I have missed that this project was two months late?” “What planet was I on where this project appeared to be on time?”
Desperate Times May Not Call for Desperate Measures
Although it's clear that the slowdown in the economy has affected us all dramatically, this is not a time to panic. For the first time in a decade we've seen budgets slashed, projects cancelled or postponed, both blue and white collar layoffs, and rising unemployment rates. For those of us who remember the last recession, it's been a long time since we've seen conditions like this, and perhaps the first time we've seen them arrive so quickly and unexpectedly. For those of you newer to the industry this is probably like nothing you've ever seen before.
Beware of Vendors Bearing Solutions
Hype. Years ago we called it "leaning into the wind." It was a philosophy-maybe even an art-that enabled software companies to be competitive, to build market share, and to sell sufficient product in a timely enough fashion to fund ongoing development. If you leaned too far into the wind, you fell on your face. If you didn't lean far enough, you would watch their backs as your competition took the market share upon which you built your dreams.
The Case for a Vendor-Neutral Network
As a consultant, I frequently see networks that are built exclusively using equipment from one vendor. There are some obvious advantages to this approach, but I believe that the advantages of a vendor-neutral network design philosophy are greater still. In many ways the situation is similar to what happened in the mainframe world before networks and client-server applications became common.
Knowing when software should be released: Is It SOUP Yet?
In a classical software project, it's easy to tell when software is ready to be released. It has to fulfill the requirements, it has to have passed testing, and it has to be ready for the user. It has to have the appropriate documentation and/or user's manual and/or online help. But, is it Software Operating Usably and Properly (SOUP)?
Comprehensive Training in XML & Web Services
Web Services and XML aren’t just the future anymore – these technologies are real, and major corporations all over the world are using them today. Here’s your chance to immerse yourself in these technologies for a few days and learn them inside and out from the pros.
IT Management - Current News and Information in IT Management
Sooner or later, someone steps into your office and says, “You’re a project manager.” It’s that quick, it’s that unannounced. It’s as though it’s expected that, just by hearing those words, you’ll magically know what you’re supposed to do, how you’re supposed to do it, and when things are supposed to get done. If you’re very lucky, you’ll increase your salary. If you’re like most, you won’t.
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