[2007-12-17] Problems That Lend Themselves to EDM
I was talking with Neil Raden and Tom Davenport today on the subject of decisions - what are the various kinds of decisions and how do companies make them and think about making them.

[2007-12-13] From the SOA Consortium - IT Needs SOA Skills
I am attending the SOA Consortium meeting that is co-located with the OMG in Burlingame this week.

[2007-12-12] Virtualizing Data to Close the Gap Between IT and Business
he Issue: Business units are making decisions outside of IT in regards to Information Access applications and tools - and then expecting IT to quickly provision and support those applications.

[2007-12-05] Open Source TCO: Looking at the COSPA Frameworks
The EC funded COSPA project recently mentioned, defined frameworks to identify possible returns or losses of a transition to Open Data Standards or Open Source software.