[2007-11-29] Top 10 Information Security Issues
Top 10 lists generally help summarize things that people should be doing, or put in context issues and ideas that are going into a nicely bulletized set of things that a company can be doing to beef up their information security program or projects.

[2007-11-27] Identifying Top Talent in IT
It's still possible - Even in this highly competitive market.

[2007-11-26] MPAA University Toolkit for hackers
Probably the best holiday gift ever was presented by the MPAA today, and you can download it for free.

[2007-11-19] Leopard Directory Services - dscl & Related Commands
I was no great fan of Netinfo, and I think it's great that Apple has gone to XML driven Directory Services as a replacement.

[2007-11-08] IT Staff Must Adapt
This is not what you want to hear from anyone if you work in technology.