[2007-01-29] An appropriate S, G & A for "IT as a business"?
Your CMDB budget depends on it...

[2007-01-25] Specializations for Outsourcing
Google's in the press again, and this time about information security, and a host of other "specializations" that can be, and maybe should be outsourced.

[2007-01-15] Understanding the Basics of ITIL
In the world of IT management, ITIL is the buzzword being heard around the globe. So what is ITIL and how does it affect your organization? Let's take a closer look!

[2007-01-04] Is IP Your Most Cost Effective Choice?
Too often a business assumes that IP based solutions are the best choice to satisfy their communication requirements.

[2007-01-02] Choosing the Right Project Management Software
Project management continues to become an important and popular topic today. This is understandable because project management done correctly will help an organization get better at what it does, and make it more competitive.