[2006-06-26] IT Support: Setting Rates
With setting your IT support rates, there is no ethical dilemmas. You need to charge what is going to make you have a successful, viable business.

[2006-06-20] Bad Routers
I have a customer with a branch office in China. The folks over there need access to resources in the main office, so of course we implemented a VPN between the two offices.

[2006-06-14] IBM Helps Apache Self-Heal
Big Blue gave a boost to the Apache Open Source Foundation today by lending its "self-healing" data automation software aimed at helping companies automate their data centers, which IBM says is especially useful in "virtual environments" where a system bottle neck can disrupt online transactions.

[2006-06-13] IT Project Governance And Prince2 Project Management
In today's fast-changing information economy, IT project governance has emerged as one of the most vital corporate responsibilities.

[2006-06-13] Think Of Virtualization Like A Mutual Fund
John McKnight gave me this analogy, and I can't be happier about it. It really helps people understand what this "virtualization" thing is all about.

[2006-06-01] IT Consulting Rates: What Should You Charge?
Your hourly IT consulting rate potentials will vary according to where you live.