[2006-05-25] IT Spending: Your Clients Aren't a PC Vendor's Science Experiment
If you've been in the computer consulting business for a while, you know that influencing product selection is one of the more valuable services that your firm performs for its client base.

[2006-05-12] Virtualization Solutions - Same Motivations
I've been writing a lot about virtulalization lately, and the process has been clarifying. I figured out a few things, such as the fact that none of the stuff we are talking about is new. Most of it is really old actually.

[2006-05-11] Sarbanes Oxley and IT
For most, the section 404 solution will serve as a central repository for internal control documentation.

[2006-05-09] Tacit and Kashya Get Taken Out
What does it mean? First, it means I lost money. Both were good ESG clients. I'm sure you feel sorry.

[2006-05-04] The Software Development Life Cycle: When to Secure Your Process
When it comes to software security, the general perception is that including technologies such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and malware protection throughout the software development life cycle is all that's needed to keep information secure in the end product.