[2006-04-20] Slow Down, Simplify
Microsoft's most recent updates apparently caused problems more than a few users: Microsoft Patch Snafu Grows, Users Seek Workaround.

[2006-04-18] IT Job Market Now Offers Big Hope for Tech Workers
Remember the Dot.com and IT job market implosion? It was back in 2000 when the bottom fell out and technology workers have suffered ever since.

[2006-04-13] Resistance is Futile
Microsoft says recovery from malware is becoming impossible. Well, duh.

[2006-04-12] IT Marketing: Find the Decision Makers
The best way to grow beyond your customer base is to do some more IT marketing by getting out there in the community and meeting other people that are the decision makers.

[2006-04-10] A Promising Future for Intranets and Social Media
"Make communications more exciting" is how I would summarize the sentiment of all who participated in the two Melcrum workshops on intranets and social media that I co-presented in London last week and in Manchester the week before.

[2006-04-05] Why are Intranets Stagnant?
The evolution of the World Wide Web over the last five years has been nothing short of astounding.

[2006-04-04] Virtual IT: Grow Your Business by Providing Ongoing Service
Virtual IT: How It Can Benefit Your Business