[2005-10-31] CIO Plays a Significant Role in the Decision-Making?
Information Technology (IT) took the lead in developing and implementing frameworks for business collaboration - financial and operating models and legal frameworks.

[2005-10-31] Effective Job Cost Tracking in the Advertising Industry
In today's competitive business climate, advertising agency clients are taking a closer look at how they purchase advertising products and services. The trends:

[2005-10-24] Importance Of Technology Changes In Business Computing
The importance of keeping up with changes in business computing and technology can be more important over time as your business grows.

[2005-10-20] AMD Rubbing Intel In Processor Race
The problem when you're at the top is there's only one place to go and computer chip leviathan Intel may be experiencing something akin to a descent, at least for now. Intel dominated the computer chip market for years but while their earnings were very good, they are losing their grasp to rival AMD for the moment and it's not done yet.

[2005-10-18] New Interfaces for Microsoft?
Microsoft tells us that their application interfaces need revamping. Apparently having eighteen kazillion commands buried under three million menus confuses people now and then.

[2005-10-17] Virtual Tape
Virtual tape does just what you'd think: a backup thinks it's writing to tape, but in reality the data is going elsewhere. It may still end up on tape eventually, but in the meantime it's heading for disk, local or otherwise. This stuff isn't cheap, but then neither are the systems where people would be interested in it.

[2005-10-17] Gartner Says IT Orgs Changing, Disbanding
In a new study by research firm Gartner, IT organizations will be facing dramatic change in the coming years. By 2011, 75% or more will have a different role entirely , 10% will be gone and 10% more will relegated to commodity status.

[2005-10-13] The Cost of Linux
Matt Asay's AC/OS blog says that one of the "expenses" noted in Microsoft TCO studies is the cost of training.

[2005-10-13] Do You Go With A Dedicated Server Or Not?
For many businesses, finding solutions in dedicated server options is difficult. This is mainly the case because individuals do not know what they are looking at or looking for.

[2005-10-12] What happened to the "Giant Sucking Sound" of Outsourcing
The conventional wisdom is that outsourcing has been very bad for the U.S. Information Technology workforce.

[2005-10-10] Why is Corporate Communication Seen As Fluffy?
In many organizations, corporate communication doesn't get a lot of respect. The intranet gives a rare opportunity for corporate communication to get the respect it deserves.

[2005-10-05] IBM Aims P5 At SMB Market
New UNIX systems for small and medium businesses utilizing a version of the IBM Power5 chip will be available from IBM in quad-core and other configurations.

[2005-10-04] IT Management Options Grow In China
A new report will focus on four aspects of China's now-burgeoning information technology service market.