[2005-09-27] The Process to Results Gap
Many times in BPR projects the focus is put on redesign. This article is related to the common pitfall of underestimating process deployment.

[2005-09-27] Create Your Methodology Based on a Standard Framework
This article, the first of a series of three, gives some tips on designing and implementing a methodology based on a standard framework such as ITIL or PMBoK.

[2005-09-26] Crisis Management: Your Website Can Help
A website can be a valuable source of information during a time of crisis. Using your website should become part of your crisis planning.

[2005-09-22] On-Demand Storage At MCI
MCI launched a new service last week aimed at enterprise customers in the form of storage on-demand. The new service, called Utility Storage Service, is designed for enterprise customers who need flexibility in their utility storage.

[2005-09-20] Frame Relay Switch
One of the major topics on your CCNA and CCNP exams is Frame Relay. Additionally, Frame Relay is one of the most popular WAN technologies in today's networks.

[2005-09-19] Why Web Managers are Leaders
The Web requires leadership if it is to achieve its full potential. That leadership will rarely be given by senior management. So that means it's up to you.

[2005-09-16] Not All Project Management Software Is Created Equal
The purpose of Project Management Software is to provide an environment in which a group of people can work together on joint projects. Most projects involve the development and implementation of new ideas, and these ideas have to be presented, evaluated, and revised.

[2005-09-15] Use An MRD To Control Your Outsourcing
Is your software development process as unpredictable as the weather? Is your software casting a shadow causing six more weeks of programming? Are you using a marketing requirements document (MRD) or magic to predict your software release schedule?

[2005-09-12] Sun To Introduce Galaxy Servers
Today, Sun Microsystems is expected to introduce its new line of 64-bit network servers, which are code-named Galaxy, and use dual-core Opteron processors from AMD.

[2005-09-09] Biggest Boost in IT Hiring Since 2002
Robert Half Technology conducted a study among 1,400 CIOs and found that 16% of them plan to hire full-time IT staffs in the fourth quarter, while 4% plan to reduce their staffs.

[2005-09-01] ABN AMRO Enters Outsourcing Deal with IBM and Others
ABN AMRO has entered a five-year contract to outsource its IT systems to five firms in the United States and India for about $2.2 billion.

[2005-09-01] Linux: the Cheaper Way to Go?
IBM released a report from the Robert Frances Group (RFG), which it sponsored that claims that the total cost of operation (TCO) for Linux is 40% lower than that of Windows.