[2005-07-29] Key Benefits of a Single Intranet or Public Website
A single website is more connected and credible. It is more consistent and cost effective. It is easier to manage and measure.

[2005-07-29] Network Forensics is Affordable for Most Businesses
Regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley or HIPPA along with cyber crime have heightened the interest in computer security.

[2005-07-26] IT Career Error! Click Here to Repair
Two years ago Jeff was a discontented software developer. His work left him frustrated and mentally drained each day.

[2005-07-26] PassMark's SiteKey - Answering The Wrong Question
In my article "Spear-Phishing - New Angles On An Old Game" (http://www.cafeid.com/art-spear.shtml), I wrote about a variation on "traditional" e-mail phishing that has proved to be more effective than random casting of stink-bait into a vast pool of random e-mail addresses.

[2005-07-21] Small Business Outsourcing: An Introduction
Outsourcing is the delegation of a business process to an external service provider. The service provider will then be responsible for the day-to-day running and maintenance of the delegated process.

[2005-07-21] What is a Matrix KVM Switch Solution?
Enterprise KVM switches, such as the Raritan Paragon II, will often include the word Matrix in part descriptions or throughout promotional means such as in features and benefits sections on websites.

[2005-07-21] Environmental Monitoring Reference Guide
Creating a safe and secure lights-out co-location or remote data center facility ensues by incorporating environmental monitoring devices to remotely detect and resolve unwarranted server room conditions.

[2005-07-21] Remote Reboot Power Management Guide
Implementing a remote reboot power management solution is a required procedure for assembling a true lights-out data center or co-location facility.

[2005-07-21] Microsoft Getting FrontBridge Hookup: Secure Messaging
Microsoft announced yesterday they will acquire FrontBridge Technologies Inc., a company that provides managed services for corporate email security, compliance and availability requirements. This adds another set of features to Microsoft's ongoing war against security problems through archiving, minimizing spam and viruses, and ensuring email availability in case of a disaster.

[2005-07-19] Lenses on Leadership
Before the days of Photoshop, it was common to say that photographs don't lie. But even way back when, during the dark ages of chemical film, photographers used different lenses and filters to change colors, highlight some details over others and bring some subjects into sharp focus while blurring others. Pictures lie and tell the truth all at once.

[2005-07-19] Spear-Phishing - New Angles On An Old Game
It usually doesn't take long for emerging trends in business IT security to reach the point at which a new name for a given phenomenon is required to set it apart.

[2005-07-18] Is Off-Shore Outsourcing A "Bane" Or A "Boon"?
An article in CIOInsight, http://www.cioinsight.com/article2/0,3959,940251,00.asp Quoted some interesting survey results from companies that have gone offshore.

[2005-07-11] Technology in the Workplace: The Benefits of Video Conferencing
What once required the physical presence of a number of individuals in a common location is now being accomplished through video conferencing. Thanks to the technological leaps of the past several years, any number of people can attend the same meeting from all points around the globe at any given time.

[2005-07-11] Get Down With OCP: Evaluating DBA Job Applicants in an OCP World
Not long ago, weeding through DBA applicants with a tech interview was a straightforward process. You'd ask candidates 200 or so technical questions.

[2005-07-02] Microsoft Announces Bug In the IE Ointment
Mammoth software company Microsoft announced and itty bitty little bug that can cause a lot of problems for users of Internet Explorer (IE). The bug, reported by SEC Consult hasn't been utilized yet but Microsoft did confirm the vulnerability.