[2005-05-31] Make Sure Your Intranet Is Well Perceived By Staff
Many intranets are only now beginning to show their true potential. However, many staff, having had unsatisfactory previous experiences of the intranet, may need quite some convincing that the intranet is now genuinely useful.

[2005-05-27] Info Technology Departments May Lose Staff
A long-term choice for IT departments means either focusing on services or providing more business value.

[2005-05-26] Cisco Walks the FineGround
Cisco Systems announced that it will be taking over data center networking systems maker FineGround Networks, a privately-held company based in Campbell, California.

[2005-05-24] The Seven Things You Have To Say About Security
A provider of information risk management solutions offers its take on George Carlin's famed bit, but on the serious side.

[2005-05-20] The Machine Readable Web
The vast majority of the Web is intended for human readers. The goal has been to create an online experience for human beings. It is an open and ever growing body of information.

[2005-05-17] Intelís Craig Barrett Stepping Down
Paul Otellini will become the chipmaker's first CEO who is not an engineer, while Mr. Barrett becomes company chairman.

[2005-05-14] Microsoft and Sun Partnership Starts To Show Results
Microsoft and Sun Microsystems spent a lot of time at each other's throats in legal battles, but last year the two companies formed a partnership which is now starting to show its results.

[2005-05-13] Microsoft Shuts Windows XP on Homes With Older PCs.
Microsoft announced a new slimmed down version of Windows XP. They call it Eiger. Its shrunken version of XP will be usable on older PCS, at least some of them.

[2005-05-12] Strategic Outsourcing: Testing the IT Outsourcing Waters and Staying Afloat
Before Gertrude Ederle began her historic swim off of Cape Griz-Nez, France, she underwent extensive training for endurance and technique-even though she was already an accomplished record-breaking swimmer with Olympic medals to her name.

[2005-05-12] How to Make Your IT Project a Success
For an IT project to be a success, it must meet three criteria:

[2005-05-11] Wages of Fear
In the circles of power, fear is often admired as a potent motivator. In his classic discourse on power politics, The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli offered the following thoughts on the question of whether it is better for a leader to be feared or loved: "If we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.

[2005-05-10] A Gentle Introduction to Cryptography
With the increasing incidence of identity thefts, credit card frauds, social engineering attacks, the digital world is facing challenges in the years ahead. Obviously, cryptography, a young science, will play a prominent role in the security of protecting digital assets. This article tries to explain the basics of cryptography (encryption) using plain language.

[2005-05-10] Trend Micro Buys Small Anti-Spyware Company
Trend Micro has entered into an agreement to acquire anti-spyware product developer, InterMute.