[2005-02-25] Mozilla Releases Firefox Update
Yesterday, Mozilla released an update for their Firefox browser, which mainly addresses security issues that have come to light since its initial launch.

[2005-02-22] Why a Project Manager manages more than just the Project
So your Project Manager is responsible for getting your Project - whatever it may be, completed.

[2005-02-21] SHA-1 Encryption Algorithm Cracked
SHA-1, a nine-year old, secure online communications encryption algorithm has been hacked by a group of three Chinese researchers.

[2005-02-21] Need of Document Management System (DMS)
Document Management or Enterprise Information Management is perhaps one of the most important of the enterprise solutions that will provide a solution to the various requirements of SOX.

[2005-02-18] Lexus Talks to a Blog to Squash Virus Rumors
ZDNet reports that car maker Lexus denied that the Cabir wireless worm poses a risk to the Bluetooth-capable navigation systems featured in some of its vehicles ...

[2005-02-17] Samsung Debuts First DDR3 Memory Chip
South Korean electronics giant Samsung has introduced a prototype DDR3 DRAM memory module, which will be twice as fast as the current DDR2 architecture.

[2005-02-17] Researchers Working On New Protection Methods
The way you type when working at a computer may be the foundation for a new password system being tested by researchers from 2 major universities.

[2005-02-17] Intranet Portal - Business Case ROI
The days of easy money are over In these post-dot-com days of the 21st Century, the hype attached to IT is well and truly over.

[2005-02-14] Growing New IT Managers
Where will your next generation of IT managers come from? For most senior IT leaders, the answer is that they will hire them.

[2005-02-08] IBM, Sony, and Toshiba Make With Cell Details
IBM, Sony, and Toshiba released details on the Cell microprocessor, which has been developed by the three companies together.

[2005-02-07] Intranet Portal Project - RAD or Waterfall?
In this short article, David Viney examines whether Rapid Application Development (RAD) or Waterfall development methodologies should be used during Intranet Portal projects.

[2005-02-07] Intranet Project Names
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet."

[2005-02-04] Interview:Thunderstone VP Doran Howitt
A few weeks ago I put up a post about the Google Small Business Search Appliance. I listed it's pros and cons and thought Google had come up with a pretty decent product.

[2005-02-04] Bill Gates Touts Interoperability, XML
In an executive email appearing on Microsoft's site, Bill Gates talked about his vision for future software interaction and some of the methods he wants to use to arrive there.

[2005-02-04] Tech Analyst Giants Group Blog
Did you know that stalwart tech analysts Rob Enderle, Richard Doherty and Tim Bajarin have a group blog ... I didn't.

[2005-02-02] Managing Project Risks and Issues
Inherent (or Business) Risk Inherent Risk is the risk that exists in the environment around your portal project.

[2005-02-02] A-List Bloggers Hacked
InternetNews.com: A bug in a popular log file analysis program has been exploited by attackers ...