[2005-01-31] Satisfying IT Customers May Be a Bad Idea
Most IT departments I encounter say "customer satisfaction" is among their key goals. Unfortunately, this idea seems to lead too often to poor results.

[2005-01-20] IT Conference For South Africa
ITWeb in conjunction with Brainier Capital are hosting the IT Confidence 2005 Conference in Johannesburg late next month.

[2005-01-18] Microsoft Issues NT4 Critical Updates
Although they indicated support would cease, Microsoft has issued two critical updates for their NT4 server software package.

[2005-01-14] Harsh Reality for PeopleSoft Employees
CNET News: "Oracle appears to be adding insult to injury in its merger with PeopleSoft - taking the unusual step of notifying workers of their termination by sending pinks slips via express mail to their homes.

[2005-01-14] Data Recovery 1-on-1
For this weeks report we are talking with Greg Duffield of ACS Data Recovery http://www.acsdata.com.

[2005-01-14] Don't become a Dinosaur
These days we talk about doing business in the global knowledge economy. Is learning optional? What really is the value of learning? As the knowledge aspect of the phrase implies, learning is at the core of all we do. New technology means we must learn to make use and take advantage of these new tools. Knowledge is a key requirement in Information Technology. This applies to all - IT professionals and users.

[2005-01-12] Microsoft RMS Integration & Customization
Microsoft RMS (Retail Management System) is a former SMS QuickSell and QuickSell2000 - retail management and point of sale application, which has headquarters solutions and is now owned and marketed by the Microsoft subdivision - Microsoft Business Solutions.

[2005-01-12] BusinessWeek Launches Tech Blogs
BusinessWeek Online yesterday launched two tech-focused blogs as part of its redesigned tech and science channel.

[2005-01-10] Sarbanes-Oxley and the Benefits of Application/server Consolidation
So, you are now or will soon be SOX-compliant: what's next? Congratulations, you are on your way to or you just completed your 404!!! Internal auditors, Business, IT, everyone is breathing better and everyone should definitely be proud of it!

[2005-01-08] Snide Remarks About Microsoft Anti-Spyware Foray
Microsoft's recent entry into the anti-spyware business has sparked a number of interesting (and often sarcastic) responses by the media, competitors and others.

[2005-01-07] Potential Flaws Identified For Mozilla, Firefox
Mozilla, direct challenger to Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, is experiencing something familiar to IE: potential security vulnerabilities.

[2005-01-05] eBay Turns In Its Passport
In a humiliating turn of events for Microsoft, eBay announced that it has dumped the Microsoft Passport user authentication system.