[2004-12-29] Microsoft Great Plains Consultant Selection overview for IT Director
Microsoft Great Plains is main Microsoft Business Solutions accounting package for the US market. If you are mid-size of small company, or cost control is really an issue for you, then you should look for the most cost efficient solution and select consultant or Microsoft Business Solutions consulting partner accordingly. We would like to give you some hints on the selection options and process.

[2004-12-28] Santy worm Targets AOL Yahoo
Variants of the Santy worm have begun to spread on the Internet using Google, AOL, Yahoo and other search engines.

[2004-12-27] Just Think About It
Managers, as a group, tend to be action-oriented. We measure ourselves, our importance and our effectiveness in part by the level of activity around us. The louder the hum of machinery, the faster the shuffle of feet in the corridor and the larger the proportion of time we spend in meetings, the better things must be. Stuff is happening, and that's what we're supposed to do: make things happen.

[2004-12-17] Microsoft Issues Work Order for Project Group Services
Microsoft Consulting Services has issued a work order for $704,000 in Project Group services starting Jan. 1, 2005.

[2004-12-16] Cisco to Open R&D Center in Tokyo
Cisco Systems announced its intent to open research and development center in Tokyo, Japan.

[2004-12-14] Microsoft Business Solutions Partner Consulting in the Time of Post-Recession
We are a group of Chicago and Houston based Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, Microsoft CRM, RMS and Navision consultants who saw the economic boom at the end of 20th century and then deep recession, which hit high tech and telecommunication sectors with extreme severity.

[2004-12-13] How to Launch a New IT Consulting Practice
In the new era of internet marketing, the problem of severe competition comes into the first position.

[2004-12-09] ISO 9001 Compliant Program : Steps to Build
Implementing an ISO 9001 system represents a major effort. However, all of that effort can represent a significant shift for a business - from quantity to quality. And this could make sure your business gets the desired results.

[2004-12-08] Oracle's New Real Time Content Management
Oracle's Collaboration Suite 10g has new real-time collaboration tools and enterprise content management capabilities.

[2004-12-01] IBM Builds Business Consulting and IT Skills
IBM said that its acquisition of Danish companies Maersk Data and DMdata has been completed.