[2004-11-30] Beijing Backs out of Microsoft Contract
An order for Microsoft software was cancelled by Beijing's municipal government after complaints that local governments do not support software developed domestically.

[2004-11-30] HP's New Enterprise Products
HP has some new products and solutions that automate the link between business processes and information technology (IT), allowing for IT resources to be delivered to meet shifting business priorities.

[2004-11-29] Sun Acquires SevenSpace
Sun Microsystems has entered into an agreement to acquire SevenSpace, a privately-held company based in Ashburn, Va.

[2004-11-20] HP Invites Four Developers to Blog
HP has launched a portal page that links to four relatively new corporate developer blogs.

[2004-11-19] Cisco Acquires NetSolve
Cisco Systems has completed the acquisition of publicly held NetSolve of Austin, Texas.

[2004-11-19] Microsoft Tries to Steer Asian Government Away From Linux
According to a recent report from a research group, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer at an Asian Government Leaders Forum in Singapore claimed that Linux violates more than 228 patents.

[2004-11-17] Outsourcing - Cost Increases or Decreases?
The short answer to this complex question is - Yes, outsourcing reduces the overall costs and risks.

[2004-11-17] Affordable HTTP Compression Solutions for Windows Web servers
Port80 Software announces new, affordable HTTP compression solutions for Windows® Web servers, providing Web acceleration, bandwidth savings, and server consolidation to Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)-based Web sites and applications.

[2004-11-17] Two More Internet Explorer Holes Discovered
Security experts have began warning users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer of a couple of new security vulnerabilities that affect fully patched Windows XP Service Pack 2 systems.

[2004-11-16] Dell And Microsoft Partner For The Enterprise
Dell and Microsoft have formed a partnership to improve the way customers manage systems across the enterprise.

[2004-11-15] What's the Problem?
Those of us in IT tend to see the world through the lens of problems and solutions. Our entire work lives are devoted to solving problems. One after the other, we knock them down.

[2004-11-15] Do You Manage a Website or A Warehouse?
There are two types of people involved in websites today: those who see content as an asset, and those who see it as a commodity. The latter better start looking for a new career.

[2004-11-15] Microsoft Focuses On India Industry
Infosys, with headquarters in Bangalore, India, and Microsoft announced a new information technology (IT) transformation initiative designed to help clients improve business performance and build competitive advantage.

[2004-11-15] World's #1 PC Maker, Dell, Sues CompAmerica.com
The #1 US PC maker: Dell, has unexpectedly sued a much smaller competitor, CompAmerica.com, in US Federal Court. In what may be the strangest lawsuit in computer industry history.

[2004-11-15] Sun's Data Center Program
At its Network Computing '04Q4 launch, Sun Microsystems announced the Sun Service Optimized Data Center program, a new comprehensive roadmap of services and technologies to help customers deploy and manage IT services more cost-effectively.

[2004-11-04] Disaster Recovery: A Critical Business Issue
In today's environment, the effects of a long-term operations outage could have catastrophic consequences to an organization, making contingency planning a critical business issue rather than exclusively a data processing issue.

[2004-11-03] You Don't Know What You Don't Know: Defining Business Intelligence
Business intelligence solutions narrow the ever widening gap between the amount of data gathered and the methods of being able to understand that data.

[2004-11-02] Microsoft RMS Customization – PO Items Receiving in Great Plains
Microsoft Retail Management (RMS) and Microsoft Great Plains are retail and accounting/ERP solutions coming from the same Microsoft subdivision - Microsoft Business Solutions.