[2004-04-27] Measuring the value of HR solutions
The best way to build broad endorsement -- and gain financial approval -- for new investments in HR solutions is to build a comprehensive business case that pinpoints all costs, potential benefits, and even project risks. This goes deeper than the simple calculation of ROI = net benefits/total costs, and ultimately, acts as a management tool to ensure that the project stays on course.

[2004-04-22] Selecting New IT Leaders
One of the great privileges and responsibilities of leadership is identifying and training the next generation of managers and leaders. Somewhere in between crisis management, contract negotiations, internal politics, status monitoring and your myriad other tasks, you should spend a few moments considering the future leadership of your organization.

[2004-04-15] The Top Three Problems IT Managers Face and How to Overcome Them
Today's business environment has changed drastically from just a few years back. Rather than working exclusively with equipment, data, and systems, today's IT managers face issues such as cross training, personnel management, interdepartmental communication, and a widening job scope for all IT employees.

[2004-04-14] Should you Put your PCs Out to Pasture?
PC shipments to businesses are expected to be substantial in 2004, with a projected 12.7% increase compared with 2003, according to International Data Corp. This is good news for corporate users who have been waiting patiently to invest in much-needed PC upgrades.