[2003-12-30] Outsourcing Offshore: a Forced Trend?
The benefits IT can provide a company, independent of its size, are common knowledge, as are the rapid changes in the IT field. The effectiveness of outsourcing is also well documented.

[2003-12-30] Crafting a Request for Proposal
Crafting a Request for Proposal (RFP) takes a lot of time and effort. Gwen Hannah, President of Trillium Employee Services, says, "Writing an RFP can be a daunting task. Because of this, many people don't devote enough time and energy in preparing an RFP. However, it's very important to detail your requirements in this document so that vendors will know your needs and you will be able to quickly identify from their responses whether you want to schedule demos and continue discussions with them."

[2003-12-17] Transform the Year-End Planning Ritual
Once again, 'tis the season for annual planning, an exercise that fills managers with hope, dread, despair and anticipation. It's a time when we contemplate the future of our organizations, technology and personal fortunes.

[2003-12-01] Job Satisfaction: It's Highly Overrated
Few managers are genuinely surprised when the results of an employee satisfaction survey are revealed. You really don't need the science of statistics to know that people aren't entirely pleased with every aspect of their work lives.