[2003-10-29] Improving Projects by Communicating What's Below the Surface
Project work is all about things, right? It's about requirements and specifications. Selecting the technologies to use. Making sure the technical work fulfills the business needs and product definition. Project schedules and budgets and ship dates and installation plans. But is it possible that project work is also about people connecting and working with people?

[2003-10-13] Stop "Gathering" IT Requirements
Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that one of the most destructive notions circulating inside technical groups involves "gathering requirements." For decades, virtually everyone in the industry has accepted that the first phase of every IT project should be to gather requirements from business users. At least in theory, it should be the point of departure for all our efforts. (Of course, it's also the phase of the project that's most often skipped.) So now that our success rate for IT projects has risen to the still-dismal level of about 25%, perhaps we should question some of this time-honored wisdom.

[2003-10-08] You Need a Five-Year Plan For Your Website
Websites change the way an organization communicates with its staff, customers, investors and general public. A change in communication is a major shift for the organization. To effectively implement such a change will take time. You need a five-year plan for your website.