[2003-09-16] What To Do When Your IT Project Is Late, Over Budget, and Looks Like Itís Never Going To Work
Here's a scary statistic. According to four prominent research firms, only around 20% of all IT projects are finished in a timely manner. By "timely" the researchers mean without loss of quality or being over budget. They go on to say the average project runs approximately 200 percent late, roughly 200 percent over budget, and contains only 2/3 of the original functionality.

[2003-09-16] A Predictable Supply Chain
Achieving a "lean" supply chain delivers significant benefits. However, to exploit the full opportunity it is necessary to first establish predictable performance. Without it your customers cannot rely on you. If they cannot rely on you they will be reluctant to engage in the collaborative activities thatprovide the highest levels of benefit to the lean organization. Furthermore, the level of benefit achieved from a lean environment depends on affecting processes that are both internal and external to your company.