[2003-07-28] Evolution of a Revolution
It's 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon and orders for machine parts have been coming in at an accelerated rate. The manager of the warehouse is frustrated, as only four orders per hour are processed and over 21 job tickets are submitted per hour. Moreover, the company runs the risk of losing business to its competitors if it doesn't fill the orders in a timely fashion. With such an aggressive demand for parts, it's clear that the company's infrastructure cannot handle the volume within an appropriate timeframe. The year is 1982.

[2003-07-15] Zero-Defect Software Development
In my corner of the software industry, I will work from six months to a couple years to develop and release a new computer game. I can sell sequels or expansion packs, but I generally cannot sell upgrades as with other software.

[2003-07-09] Boosting the ROI on Your Investment in People Part 4
In the first three articles in this series, we discussed clarifying your purpose in transforming your organization, selecting the appropriate combination of tools to do so, and building the change team.

[2003-07-01] Using Benchmarking Metrics to Uncover Best Practices
For companies, embracing change means seeking out and adopting best practices. Benchmarking--the research and analysis of quantitative, empirical data--is a way to isolate weaknesses and strengths and to make connections between best practices and performances. Once these connections have been made, determining which practices are appropriate for an organization to adopt becomes a competitive imperative.