[2003-06-30] Stop the Press - Software Delivered to Schedule!
What if writing and delivering software were like publishing a newspaper? After more than fifty years of practicing software development, the experts of our trade are now agreed: we are still useless at it.

[2003-06-23] Setting Up a Linux Modem
Almost all modems manufactured today are software modems, usually referred to as "winmodems". Even though we pay a lot for a winmodem, they are cheap to manufacture because they use very little electronics. The functions that should be performed in hardware are emulated by software. This places an extra processing burden on your computer's CPU. Winmodems will not work with Linux unless you can locate a special "Linmodem" driver.

[2003-06-20] Boosting the ROI on Your Investment in People Part 3
In the first two articles in this series, we discussed clarifying your purpose in transforming your organization and selecting the appropriate combination of tools to do so.

[2003-06-13] Fear of Non-Progress
Most middle managers love to see source code. They love to see reams upon reams of source code, the earlier in the project lifecycle the better. This to them represents progress. If "90%" of the project code has been written, then the project must be "90% complete".

[2003-06-11] Mind the Vestiges
Have you ever tried to drive around Boston? It's nearly impossible to navigate the narrow, winding streets that meet at odd angles, curve back around, and join in traffic circles that you find almost nowhere else in the country. Why would any city knowingly design its streets in a fashion nearly impossible to navigate? Well, there's an old story, perhaps apocryphal, that the streets follow the old cow paths from the days when the Boston Commons was a cow pasture hundreds of years ago.

[2003-06-05] Boosting the ROI on Your Investment in People Part 2
The first article of this series discussed the process of clarifying the desired future state of your organization as the first step in improving the productivity of your group. The clarification phase is the one most often skipped when trying to deal with organizational issues. Managers commonly try to jump directly into the second phase, planning, often with disastrous results.

[2003-06-03] Brewing Trouble
Admit it: When you're faced with a lengthy checklist for testing, you're tempted to skip steps. Some of the items aren't really necessary, are they? They might be so obvious that there's no need to include them in the list. In this week's column, Elisabeth Hendrickson offers some advice on constructing useful checklists that are brief but complete.

[2003-06-02] Content Management: Seeking The Silver Bullet
There is no silver bullet that will solve your web content problem. There is no magical formula, no sleek software, that will take away the pain of badly written, badly organized content. Creating quality content that is well organized requires a lot of training, skill and hard work.