[2003-05-30] Should You Euthanize Your Project?
You probably haven't thought about inviting Dr. Kevorkian to one of your project meetings, but maybe you should. Although you might not want to join Dr. Kevorkian's well publicized crusade to legalize physician assisted suicide, he has some very valuable lessons to teach us about delivering successful IT projects.

[2003-05-27] Boosting the ROI on Your Investment in People – Part 1
More and more, technical executives and managers are challenged to measure and improve the ROI on projects and infrastructure investments. Yet, rarely does anyone think about improving the ROI on one of the biggest line items in the budget - the people. But, you probably should.

[2003-05-21] Quality Process Overhead - Myth or Reality?
Let us take a real-life example. The AC in a car is an overhead. It eats into the petrol that is used to run the car. However the benefits and pleasure that the owner of the car derives from the AC far outweighs the additional expenditure in his perspective. His wife may still scold him that AC need not be switched on in the car during the evenings . Thus an overhead is mostly a matter of perception.

[2003-05-20] Risk Mangement Reduces Project Fires
Fires often result in projects when there is a breakdown of trust and communication between the stakeholders: team members, project manager, sponsor(top management of your own organization), client.

[2003-05-14] The Beatings Won’t Stop Until the Morale Improves
You can almost feel the anxiety and tension many people face in today's workplace. People comment, "Am I going to have a job tomorrow?" "If my boss gives me another project, I'll quit!" The present economic situation has forced many employees to work longer hours. Many downsized businesses expect their remaining workforce to work the jobs of 2-3 people. People can only take so much.