July 21, 2017

Enemies of IT: The Speed of Business

The right implementation of information technology and systems can drastically and immediately improve a workplace. It is this quick turnaround from implementation to tangible benefits that causes many business executives to push for an equally quick implementation of these technologies. However, IT managers need to keep executives’ over zealous timelines in check.

Empathize: Meet in the Middle

In the perfect world, you could deliver this amazing and game-changing solution in a matter of minutes. In the real world, it can take months to years to implement the projects often required of you. The reality of this comes with a crushing knockout blow: the executives of your business want this project completed in the perfect world timeframe. Many IT managers make the mistake of not budging from their estimated timelines. However, coming to the table with your projected timeline and being willing to gravitate toward a timeline that is both realistic and pleasing to the executives is your best course of action.

Emphasize: Quality

If you can emphasize that quality is the desired feature for your particular IT plan, then you can buy yourself some extra wiggle room in your timeline. Although a direct relationship between length of time to implement and quality of the final implementation may not exist, the added time available will allow for more quality through additional planning and testing.

Excel: Follow Through

After a realistic timeline has been established, make sure you follow through. The biggest enemy of IT timelines is you, IT management. Too many IT projects have been pushed backed repeatedly, and this failure to complete projects in a timely fashion has forced many executives to lose trust in IT departments. This lack of trust comes back to bite you when requesting a longer timeframe for a project.

The speed of business is fast paced, but in order to properly assist a company in their goals, we must make sure that we are traveling at a somewhat equal and reasonable speed.

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