July 21, 2017

Gaining Better Visitor Information With Demographics Data

Another insightful post by the Google Analytics team today explaining how to capture demographics data into custom variables and then segment the demographics data by visits, goals, and revenue. We have highlighted a couple of the steps below:

Step 1: Forms

Many website registration forms ask for a visitors date of birth and often their title (mr or mrs) or gender (male or female).

Example user registration form:

If we know the users selected title (for example Mr = Male, Mrs = Female) we can determine the users gender.

Step 2: Passing Information to Google Analytics

This step may require a small change to your website (javascript) in order to pass the information into your Google Analytics account.

Example of how the information is passed to Google Analytics:


Viewing the reports: In your Google Analytics account go to Visitors – User Defined report.


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