August 22, 2017

IT Pros Should Prepare For Open Source Government

Some people like open source software; others, not so much. But IT professionals on both sides of the issue may at some point gain a sort of power user to keep in mind in the form of the federal government.

As reported by Ryan Paul, “Sun cofounder and former CEO Scott McNealy says that the Obama administration has asked him to prepare a paper that will address this topic and provide guidance on potential open source adoption strategies.”

If open source software is accepted as good enough for the more-than-ginormous government, people at companies of every size will start to ask questions, and IT professionals should prepare to discuss the subject with their bosses. Folks who like open source software can perhaps get a step ahead by broaching the subject themselves; people who don’t will want to get their list of “cons” ready.

There isn’t any need to get too ahead of the game, though, as this is the government we’re talking about and decisions will probably take a while to get made.

For whatever it’s worth, we’ll note that there’s at least one other way to approach this development, too – IT professionals in some of the shakier private sectors should think about shopping around for a nice government job.

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