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Learning To Implement Digital Asset Management

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Project managers, creative directors, enterprise architects, and consultants struggle to determine the optimal way to implement Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology, according to CMS Watch. Important information must be understood prior to implementation in order to mitigate risk, including:

Key administrative and system management services, roles and groups and how security is managed, scalability, capacity and bandwidth challenges, the value of specific DAM standards. (more…)

Hackers Seek Intellectual Property Security For Malware Kits

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

There is interesting news coming from the hacker underground that hackers are trying to enforce their Intellectual Property when it comes to malware kits.

Much like RIAA, MPAA, BSA, and a host of other groups or companies that are busy trying to enforce their copyright on the software they make malware writers have been trying to do the same thing. The humor part is that in following the examples of RIAA, MPAA et al, they are leaving off as flame wars for a simple reskin and adding of some additional exploits. With money as a motive, these malware kits are in their own right becoming multi-purpose hacking tools, of value not just to the information security community, but to the money motive of hackers as well. (more…)

Major IT Trends For 2009

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Here is a brief synopsis of an enlightening article by Samuel Greengard, a freelance writer for Baseline magazine, Top 10 Trends in IT for 2009:

In 2009, these technologies can provide companies with a competitive advantage in what is expected to be a very tough year on the bottom lines of IT budgets, IT management and IT vendors. However, even in an economic downturn those companies that invest, develop and capitalize on technologies that save money while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business have an opportunity to grab significant market and mind share with new and existing customers.

Here are Samuel Greengard’s Top 10 Trends in IT for 2009… (more…)