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Discover DSRAZOR for Windows from Visual Click Software.

DSRAZOR for Windows is your answer to Windows and Active Directory management, no scripting required! When you use DSRAZOR you will be able to precisely interact with your Windows and Active Directory environments. Discover security weaknesses, document objects, manage attributes and delegate duties.
Download your free evaluation of DSRAZOR for Windows today.

DSRAZOR for Windows will help you:
  • Delegate your helpdesk activities with point solutions that require minimal training and reduce "user error"
  • Customize applets with a patented drag-n-drop interface to perform those duties you require and to quickly modify ready-to-run applets included with DSRAZOR for Windows
  • Increase the security and performance of your network with queries that uncover weaknesses
  • Assess and document Active Directory security
  • View and Report Active Directory object attributes
  • Assess and document Windows File System security
  • Search by attribute values for Active Directory objects, for instance:
    • failed logon
    • locked accounts
    • last logon per domain controller
    • password never expires
    • phone numbers
    • home directory
    • creation time
    • last time password was changed
    • and many more...
  • Manage users, groups, files and much more!
Download your free evaluation of DSRAZOR for Windows today. Click on the link below or call us toll-free at (877) 902-5425 (dial direct (512) 330-0542).
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