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The Process To Results Gap

By Lucas Rodríguez Cervera

Many times in BPR projects the focus is put on redesign. This article is related to the common pitfall of underestimating process deployment.

Having a document describing the best possible process does not add any value to the bottom line. Executing it in the real world does.

Process improvement initiatives can be undertaken for various reasons such as the introduction of a new information system, the need to conform to new regulations, a merge or acquisition, etc... What is clear is that the initiative objectives will only be achieved if processes are (re)designed and people follow them effectively.

From a financial perspective, all the resources consumed during the design and implementation phases are costs that will be recovered only when the enhanced processes are actually executed according to new definitions.

Whatever the objectives of your inititive are (increasing efficiency, enhancing quality, reducing time to market, etc...) they will only be achieved if the new procedures are followed.

While a great ammount of effort has been put on the process design component, it has been proven that most process (re)engineering projects fail for one reason: Work is not carried out in compliance with the official procedures.

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Getting people to work as per the new procedures is not an easy task. Some obstacles must be overcome, such as resistance to change, the need for new skills, non compliance, etc...

Among all practices that help see the new processes actually executed, such as process practioner training, management commitment, economic incentives, etc... a crucial one is transmitting the new ways of working to the people that will be actually carrying out the processes. Clearly, they need to understand how the work has to be carried according to the definitions.

About the Author:
Lucas Rodríguez Cervera is founder of Nevant, a company specialized in delivering process solutions to knowledge based companies. They pioneered this concept with metoCube. Nevant - The link between process and results

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