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Sun To Introduce Galaxy Servers
Today, Sun Microsystems is expected to introduce its new line of 64-bit network servers, which are code-named Galaxy, and use dual-core Opteron processors from AMD. Sun is counting on this new line of servers...

Biggest Boost in IT Hiring Since 2002
Robert Half Technology conducted a study among 1,400 CIOs and found that 16% of them plan to hire full-time IT staffs in the fourth quarter, while 4% plan to reduce their staffs. This is good news for IT people looking for jobs.

Linux: the Cheaper Way to Go?
IBM released a report from the Robert Frances Group (RFG), which it sponsored that claims that the total cost of operation (TCO) for Linux is 40% lower than that of Windows.

ABN AMRO Enters Outsourcing Deal with IBM and Others
ABN AMRO has entered a five-year contract to outsource its IT systems to five firms in the United States and India for about $2.2 billion. Among these five firms are IBM and Accenture of the U.S. ...


IBM Prepping DeveloperWorks Podcasts

By David Utter

Information on new technology and how to implement it in a business enters the podcasting channel.

Imagine if you will, a system administrator, looking forward to an on-time departure from work on a summer Friday afternoon. Her boss, who wouldn't know SOA from DOA, insists that the admin be ready to discuss service oriented architecture with the powers-that-be on Monday. At length.

While vendors like Sun and IBM will be more than pleased to sit down and discuss their Service Oriented Architecture offerings, also at length, Friday afternoon isn't the best time to try and schedule a meeting. Tech companies provide a variety of material, like white papers, that help to inform and give real-life examples of technology in the workplace. Now, it appears podcasts will be part of that information process too.

IBM announced a slew of SOA-related technologies in a press release. Big Blue plans to integrate WebSphere, Tivoli, and Rational products more closely, in order to better take advantage of the move by enterprises towards SOA.

FREE 30-Day Trial of VMTN Subscription Products

Deeper into that press release, we find an interesting little snippet concerning IBM's developerWorks:

"Also supporting the overall SOA initiative, IBM is launching new developer resources on developerWorks to help drive skills and adoption of SOA. IBM will introduce a new Podcast series on developerWorks that will help to keep busy developers up-to-date on the latest trends in technology."

Sun has been using Podcasts for a while to distribute their Sun News Today feed. They've also been providing video of certain events, such as the company's recent debut of a new line of Sun Fire Servers. Sun's president and COO Jonathan Schwartz is probably the highest-profile corporate officer blogging regularly in the US.

Combined, the two firms have been making use of the latest advances in technology. If nothing else, the practice demonstrates how businesses can add value for customers by adopting an open standard and populating it with useful content. That's good advice for any business with a web site today.

About the Author:
David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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