Data Protection via Replication

Today, IT spends a good deal of money trying to protect remote offices and data centers. There are application servers, back-up servers, back-up licenses, tape libraries and people all responsible for ensuring that the information at the edge is protected and protected properly. The problem is IT does not know that the information is properly protected and because they do not know, they are exposed. Are you exposed? Click here for more information.

How can replication help?

By reducing costs, reducing data exposure, simplifying the way in which data protection is rolled out to remote data centers, which makes it easier to protect information when new servers or applications are deployed.

Protecting distributed data is no easy task. This special report, authored by the Enterprise Strategy Group, takes a look at the challenges enterprises are facing in protecting data at remote locations and branch offices and identifies ways in which to meet these challenges head on.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of replication.

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