Combine Project Management with Help Desk Software

TeamHeadquarters, a practical, cost effective, collaborative solution that uniquely combines project management with help desk. To run an IT department as effectively as possible, it is important to balance the workload related to planned project initiatives and unplanned support requests. Entry Software understands the ongoing challenges you face.

Why combine project management with help desk?
Here is what customers say:

  We get a true picture of all time, costs and resources – in real time!
  Easy to manage all of our work without having to change our processes.
  Our executives, managers and customers are continually informed without having to call meetings.
  Our overall costs went down by reducing the number of different software applications we support.
  We now make better, more informed, business decisions.
  We can now improve our Customer satisfaction by managing all of the work more efficiently!

Customers are enjoying immediate benefits of TeamHeadquarters within days of their purchase decision. We encourage you to visit our online showcase to see how TeamHeadquarters can simplify your IT department’s workload. Click here to get all the details and take advantage of our *special bonus offer.

TeamHeadquarters unifies your work on project management, help desk support, and whatever else comes along.
Contact us today.

Demonstrate organizational governance
Control all project and non-project work
Proactively make informed business decisions
Reduce administration time
Improve customer satisfaction
Formalize informal work
Track IT issues and support incidents with ease

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