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Server woes
Well Iím looking for a new server for my personal business that is about to launch but weighing the pros and cons I will require mass storage down the road but it will cost more to implicate it later so right now Iím looking at the Vision 4U 4TB NAS Enterprise Server...

Instant Messenger as Communication?
There is an ongoing debate in our office about the use of Instant Messenger as a form of legitimate, useful, appropriate, and professional communication. In the last week, I've been contacted by two potential affiliates who wished to communicate via IM.

The best router is......?
I'm considering buying a dsl router, as I'm getting fed-up of the standard ICS networking (i.e. ports get block on my lan even if I use port-forwarding on my firewall).... Now, bare in mind that I'm in England, so the prices are sky high compared to the US (blooming politics)...

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Data Recovery 1-on-1

By Dan Fisher

For this weeks report we are talking with Greg Duffield of ACS Data Recovery http://www.acsdata.com.

Q: Greg, since the late '90's there has been tremendous growth within the data recovery industry, why is that and what does it mean to the consumer?

A: Well, in the last 10 years the amount of data stored digitally has increased tremendously. With this trend towards simplification of file storage, the trend for losing this data has also increased.

Before computers you had to worry about your office burning down, or some other man-made or natural disaster that might have effected your paper files. Now with just about everything stored on computers, the fear is no different and the possibilities of catastrophic data loss occuring are actually greater.

The end result has been an influx of data recovery firms throughout the world assisting consumers with the recovery of their lost data. The benefit and the downfall to the consumer is having these companies openly competing for their business.

Q: The open competition is a downfall to the consumer as well?

A: Absolutely. For some companies, data recovery has become the latest "rich" scheme. So they shop the market, see what the trends in the industry are and then offer subpar services at a substantially discounted rate. Many of these companies advertise complete data recovery for as little as $99 with no evaluation fees. Unfortunately for the consumer, this usually results in hidden service charges, and additional expense when the data is found "unrecoverable". The sad part is, is that much of this data is actually recoverable, but the firm attempting the recovery just didn't have the expertise to complete the task successfully.

Q: How do you see this effecting the data recovery industry as a whole?

A: I think the firms dedicated to providing their customers quality service will stand out no matter what. People like to make fun of used car dealers, well in that industry there are real sleaze balls and at the same time there are class-A superior dealers that really do what is right. You see the same thing in every industry, and data recovery is no different.

Q: What should the consumer expect when they have lost their important data due to a hard drive crash or other calamity?

A: First of all, they will probably get a wide range of prices. On average I would say pricing for a standard IDE hard drive will probably run anywhere from $700 to $2,900. That's a pretty big spread.

I would say stick with companies that do not charge an evaluation fee first and foremost. Many times an experienced data recovery technician can determine the type of hard drive failure within the first few seconds of starting the drive up. You know you're either going to have to open the drive or your not. That element alone has a tremendous impact on the final price of the recovery and it can narrow the price band substantially.

When you send your drive in, don't expect it to be completed overnight. We try to give our customers reasonable expectations, because there's nothing worse than making promises you can't keep. We basically run our business by under promising and over delivering. We are up front with our customers and we know the boundaries of data recovery as far as what is and isn't possible. As a consumer I would suggest you search until you find companies with a similar business philosophy. In other words, be wary of companies promising complete data recovery in less than 24-hours. Depending on the amount of data needing to be recovered it can take that long just for the imaging.

Q: Where do you see data recovery going in the future?

A: I see consumers being supplied with more and more powerful tools to complete the easier recoveries on their own. However, there will always be a need for experienced data recovery firms simply because of the intricasies involved with invasive recoveries. These types of recoveries have to be performed in a class-100 or better clean room.

Thanks for taking the time to be with us Greg, and best of luck to you in the future.

A: Thanks Dan, it's been great.

About the Author:
Dan Fisher is the owner of DataRecoveryReport.com a site dedicated to posting news, information, and white sheets regarding data recovery.

Greg Duffield is the founder of ACS Data Recovery http://www.acsdata.com ACS specializes in providing data recovery services to clients worldwide.

Copyright 2004-2005 DataRecoveryReport.com. This article may not be altered and can be distributed freely.


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