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Project+ - Combining The Technical World And The Business World

By Jide Awe

An Interview with Ayana Nickerson, Project+ Certification Program Manager for CompTIA (the Computing Technology Industry Association).

As businesses and organizations see the need to prevent waste and reduce risks associated with IT projects, there is a growing appreciation of project management. The Project+ certification program is expected to grow in relevance considering the premium being placed on soft skills and management in the IT industry.

On August 11, 2004, CompTIA announced that it has renamed its popular project management certification from CompTIA IT Project+ to CompTIA Project+.

Jidaw.com had the opportunity to interview Ayana Nickerson, Project+ Certification Program Manager via e-mail. In the discussion she talks about Project+ and Project management certifications.

She explains the new name change as well as the "what, how, why, and where" of the Project+ certification. She spoke about tips and advice for candidates as well as what she sees as the future of Project+ and Project management.

Jidaw.com: What led to the development of CompTIA Project+ certification?

Ayana Nickerson: CompTIA answered an industry need for a certification that validates business "soft skills" and that addresses the increasing reach and influence of technical and IT projects. As a result, in 2001 CompTIA purchased "IT Project Management Core Capabilities" exam from the Gartner group in early 2001. CompTIA then revised and launched IT Project+ in April, 2001. The exam was later enhanced and revised in November, 2003.

Jidaw.com: Who is CompTIA's Project+ certification intended for? What is the target audience for this certification? What level of experience and knowledge should prospective candidates have?

Ayana Nickerson: Project+ is intended for industry professionals with at least 2,000 hours of practical experience in leading, managing, and directing small-medium sized projects.

Jidaw.com: What is the exam focus of the Project+ certification? What capabilities should one expect of a Project+ certified professional in terms of specific knowledge and skills?

Ayana Nickerson: The Project+ examination focuses on three core competencies necessary for successful IT project management: best practices in project management methods and processes, critical business knowledge and important interpersonal skills.

A candidate or an employer should feel confident that a Project+ certified professional will have the ability to successfully manage information technology-related projects throughout the entire project life cycle. A Project+ certification demonstrates knowledge of critical project management and business concepts.

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About the Author:
Jide Awe is the founder of Jidaw Systems, an IT Training and Certification provider that focuses on building IT Careers and publishes http://www.jidaw.com, an IT Career portal. He has extensive experience with technical IT training and IT Career counseling and he speaks and writes on IT Careers and IT certification. You can drop him a line at md@jidaw.com.

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