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SAS today launched a suite of solutions for the IT department on the SAS9 Intelligence Platform.

Known collectively as SAS IT Management Solutions, these software offerings - SAS IT Resource Management, SAS IT Charge Management, SAS IT Service Level Management and SAS IT Value Management - help ensure that information technology systems perform as designed, accommodate consumption and growth, operate efficiently and deliver the greatest business value possible. "With every passing year, IT becomes more complex, more expensive and more critical to the success of the 21st century enterprise," said Jim Davis, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for SAS. "SAS IT Management Solutions operating on the SAS9 Intelligence Platform give businesses the power to know how to make their IT departments lean and mean, helping them to optimize overall enterprise performance and distance themselves from their competitors."

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Available now, SAS IT Management Solutions enable executives to manage their IT organizations and infrastructures, evaluate and control costs, and make informed business decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

"A little over a year ago, AMR Research mapped out the constructs of Business Service Management (BSM). One of the four key requirements was for IT analytics," said Dennis Gaughan, research director, in The AMR Research Alert, The New Role of Analytics in a Service-Driven IT Organization, August 11, 2003. "The reason was twofold: to provide a strong correlation and analysis capability to isolate and resolve service interruptions, and to provide better visibility into the costs and quality of service delivery. This second reason will emerge as one of the key investments for IT in the next three years."

Individual SAS IT Management Solutions address specific business needs in information technology:

-- SAS IT Resource Management provides an enterprisewide view of the IT infrastructure's current-day, historical and forecasted performance and capacity. With organizations depending more on IT resources than ever before, this solution ensures that performance and capacity meet business demands with the right resources available at the right time.

-- SAS IT Charge Management supports the cost recovery of IT resources in a fair and equitable manner. By assigning costs to the quantity of resources consumed by specific customers, this solution enables each line of business to become accountable for IT costs, thus assisting management decisions and long-term planning for IT investments.

-- SAS IT Service Level Management provides IT professionals and business consumers with a powerful way to gain a clear and concise view of technology services, as well as a means to analyze and measure the quality of services delivered to each line of business. This solution collects, aggregates and analyzes service level measurements for comparison against agreed-upon targets to communicate the value of IT to the business units it serves.

-- SAS IT Value Management takes full advantage of the seamless integration between SAS IT Management Solutions, SAS Activity-Based Management and SAS Strategic Performance Management. SAS IT Value Management analyzes data from and about all technology systems and delivers a single picture of the IT department's business performance and value. By tying machine data directly to business functions, the department can analyze and measure the cost, performance, efficiency and value of IT services. The SAS IT Value Management scorecard provides a clear, complete snapshot of all aspects of IT and its service performance.

SAS9 takes organizations beyond business intelligence as they know it

SAS9 builds on SAS' 28 years of expertise and experience with data management and analytics. With SAS9, SAS has created a new intelligence platform that will help companies do more with the resources, data and systems that they already have, and allows more and more people within those companies to use the predictive analytics and data management capabilities of SAS.

Supported by nearly three decades of vertical industry expertise, the powerful, integrated solutions on the new SAS9 Intelligence Platform are helping to redefine performance management. Earlier this year, SAS launched SAS Marketing Automation, SAS Risk Dimensions, SAS Web Analytics and SAS Activity-Based Management on the SAS9 platform. Additional SAS9 solutions will be rolled out in the next few months. These include SAS Strategic Performance Management, SAS Financial Management Solutions and SAS Supplier Relationship Management, all scheduled to become available in the fourth quarter of 2004, and SAS Human Capital Management, to be launched in the first quarter of 2005.

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