Distribute and Manage your own Virtual Computing Grid

Not Ready for High Performance Computing? Think again
TurboWorx distributed computing solutions provide the leading end-to-end software solution for companies to manage, distribute and solve their most complex, time-critical computing problems in a diverse environment. Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Bayer, DuPont and Dow Chemical are just some of the firms that depend on the TurboWorx solution.

How are you dealing with these challenges?

  Applications don't work together   Difficult computing environments
  Excess time spent on routine,
manual tasks
  Lack of Resources and little insight on
cluster/systems performance
  Unable to integrate new applications   Managing loads across systems
  Complex data processing   Low returns despite big IT investments

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TurboWorx Solutions:

The intuitive interface from TurboWorx allows professionals to describe computatioanlly-intense processes in their own terms. TurboWorx software then converts and distributes the problem across the enterprise to accelerate results and simplify complex processes that companies encounter every day.
  • Simplifies and eases the creation and execution of large, complex workflows through linked reusable components, without complicated, single-use scripts.
  • Manages/integrates diverse datasets with complex and disparate applications.
  • Creates a distributed computing platform that makes use of an organizationís existing clusters, compute farms, or grids, regardless of platform, OS, and physical location.
  • Uses an open architecture and conforms to standard interfaces so that compute farms, grids and clusters can be easily expanded, reconfigured, or enhanced to meet individual needs.
  • Provides application reusability, interoperability and an infrastructure that supports scalability within heterogeneous clusters and grids.

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Also available in The TurboWorx product family

TurboWorx ClusterManager™ a scaleable, distributed computing platform that automates the scheduling, processing, and managing of applications and data across the cluster.

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