Reduce Software Management Costs by up to 20%


The typical Fortune 500 company has experienced a 15%-25% increase in software license maintenance fees over the past few years*. While effective license management can reduce the overall costs of software by as much as 20%**, many senior IT executives face the difficult challenge of having to align software strategy with business needs without having complete visibility into their software infrastructure.

Fortune 1000 companies are using Blazent IT Intelligence Software to resolve these software optimization issues. This break-through technology delivers real-time information for enterprise wide IT infrastructure, enabling executives to make actionable business decisions about their IT investments. Blazent Software Optimization provides the following benefits to senior IT executives.

  • Software Rationalization. A holistic view of licenses purchased, deployed and utilized.
  • Software Compliance. Determining whether the company is compliant or not.
  • Software Standardization. Simplification and standardization of software versions and packages.
  • Software License Agreements. Effective vendor management and negotiation through visibility into over- and under-purchased licenses.

I would like to offer you the opportunity to learn more about the value that Blazent can bring to your business by providing the following.

  • Software Optimization Webinar. How Blazent solutions resolve Software Optimization issues.
  • Case Study. How Blazent solutions enabled a Global Manufacturer to project seven figure cost savings.
  • Business White Paper on Software Optimization

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Gary Oliver
President, CEO

* AMR Research report quoted in “Major Shifts in Software Licensing Expected”, Erika Morphy, 3/25/04,
** F. O’Brien, J. Heine, J. Disbrow, A. Park, F. DeSalvo, J. Mein, P. Adams, “IT Asset Management: Client Issues for 2004”, 9/11/03, 4.

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