Better IT management lets agencies conserve
Federal spending on information technology is leveling off, and the number of new projects planned for 2005 is a fraction of what it has been in recent years.

But that doesn’t mean workers can expect a return to the bad old days of sharing desktop computers or limping along with outdated software.
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Troux Technologies Joins DCML Organization
AUSTIN, Texas --(Business Wire)-- April 12, 2004 -- Troux(TM) Technologies, the leading provider of strategic IT management (ITM) software, today announced that it has joined the Data Center Markup Language (DCML) Organization. The DCML Organization is an industry wide collaborative effort, chartered with driving the DCML specification -- the first vendor neutral standard to bring IT system interoperability and utility computing to data centers. In addition to joining the organization, Troux will fully support DCML in the Troux Reference Model(TM).
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Is my job still relevant?
All of us in IT are in the unfortunate position of having to justify our existence.

Recently, I assembled a group of CTOs at InfoWorld's home office to discuss some of the challenges that CTOs face. The talk quickly turned to the role of the CTO in the current IT environment, one that has changed drastically since the CTO position emerged in the late 1990s. It? even changed since I wrote about the difference between CIOs and CTOs just three years ago.
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Navigating The Outsourcing Map
What do enterprises need to outsource? Where should we go? Inshore or offshore? As many benefits as there are, there are also questions and headaches aplenty for CIOs contemplating the outsourcing terrain today. We present a spread of articles and analysis to help you find your way.

FASTER TIME TO market, a more linear and predictable cost model than insourcing, and access to a better-trained resource when discreet skill sets are required.
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Never Install an Application to a PC Again
How would you like to eliminate the tedious installation of new and upgraded software onto the many PCs in your far-flung company?

That's been the Holy Grail of corporate computing for some time — and now the problems that have kept this from becoming a widespread reality are being solved.
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Keeping Corporate Trade Secrets Under Lock and Key
In ancient China, the secret of silk making was jealously guarded, and the punishment for exporting silkworms was death. Centuries later, today's businesses, especially fast-moving IT and networking companies, have information, knowledge and technologies that are critical to their profitability and even their survival. Yet all too often, top executives fail to take the right steps to identify and protect confidential information, especially trade secrets.

What constitutes a trade secret? It can be any information that derives independent economic value from not being generally known or readily ascertainable. A trade secret must be both a secret and something that generates revenue.
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